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Character Letter for Child Custody

When the differences arise in a married life and one which is not sorted out at the earliest, it often results in a divorce. The worst affected are the children whose parents are separating or are fighting a legal battle for the custody of the child.


If you are a mother of the child, then you shouldn't sit back and relax thinking that the judgment of the court would go in your favor. During a custody trial, the judges consider only those things which could be in the best interests of the child. They give the custody to the parent who they think will provide the best environment and upbringing for the children.

To win your child custody case, you should provide adequate proof to the judge that it is the best interest of the children to be with you. The judge will seriously scrutinize your parenting skills and daily interactions with your children. It is not enough to convince the judge by saying that you are a good parent. You need something to back up your parental capabilities. Character letter written by someone for you in such a situation helps to tell the judge that you're financially and mentally sound and bears a good character.

A character letter for the child custody is similar to writing other character reference letters except with subtle changes. This letter is written in an informal language and is more straightforward and describes about the personality of the parent. It should not exaggerate the good and bad personal traits of the parents. A good character letter should explain the relationship between a parent and the child.

Sample of Character Letter for Child Custody

Your Name
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Honorable Judge
Name of the Family Court
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Your Honor,

My name is (your name), and I am a friend and neighbor of Mary Gibbs for last eight years. I am writing this letter to support Mary Gibbs in getting the custody of her daughter, Kate Gibbs.

Mary Gibbs is a very reputable and respectable woman, a caring friend and above all, a loving mother. Mary has been fulfilling her role of a mother by taking good care of Kate since her birth. For Mary, Kate is her life and without her, she can't survive.

I have always admired Mary's parenting skills and I am sure she is capable enough to raise her daughter. I have seen the bond between Mary and her daughter very closely and feel happy for both of them.

Mary is an independent and strong woman. She knows her responsibility very well and enjoys parenting her daughter. I truly believe that it would be in the child's best interest to be placed in Mary's custody.

(Your Name)

This sample of a character letter for child custody is written by a friend who believes that it is in the best interest of the child that the custody should be granted to the mother.

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