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Character Letter from Pastor

Pastor is a priest or minister in some Christian churches. A pastor leads the person, the congregation and the community. He is someone who is viewed as a generalist who works with a wide range of people in a variety of life circumstances. Pastor is looked upon by the people of community with great regard and his word and deeds are marked by everyone and are the source of inspiration.


The most essential contribution of the pastor is their personal relationship with their members. Pastor sees them in worship, teaches them in a religious education class, visits them in hospitals and socializes with them in many social events. They conduct weddings or funerals for a family member and baptize their children into the community. They are always with the people at the time of crisis or simply for a friendly visit.

When you are asked to write a character letter by a member of your congregation, just note the following points before writing the letter:

  • Determine the Purpose of the Letter
    Is it for admission in a certain school, employment purposes, or to get access into a specific program? This will help you highlight relevant characteristics.
  • Jot down some Positive Attributes
    The member must be having some positive attributes and characteristics. Just write a quick list of all those about the member.
  • Link the Attributes to the Purpose of the Letter
    Choose and write only the positive attributes which match the purpose of writing. If the letter is for admission purpose, highlight the academic qualification. To a potential employer, write examples of responsibility.
  • Keep the Letter Short
    It is better to keep the letter short and to the point so that it will be read. Write a short paragraph about a specific experience with the person/member, where they have displayed a good character.

Sample of Character Letter from Pastor

George Morgan
Sr. Pastor
Name of the Church
City, State, Zip Code
Contact Number


Reader's Name
City, State, Zip Code

Re: Character Reference Letter for Rose Doe

To Whomsoever It May Concern:

I am aware that Rose is applying for the post of a teacher in your school. I am happy to recommend her for admission. I have had the pleasure of knowing Rose Doe for approximately 14 years. She is an extraordinary young woman. She has been a long time active member at our church for eight years. As her Pastor, I have seen her work and talents and have been impressed by her Christian character, attitude and work ethics.

Rose had worked hard in rehabilitating the people affected by the last year's flood in the city of (name of the city). She participated in many fund-raising campaign to help the people build their home. She stayed in that city for one whole month and contributed a lot in arranging food, medicines and other essentials commodities.

Rose has been admired and respected by our community and we all see a good leader in her. If you're looking for a student with excellent academic achievement, Rose is the right choice. She has always proven herself to rise and shine to any challenge.

I have full hope, faith and confidence in Rose and I implicitly trust her. If you have any further questions regarding Rose's ability or this reference, please contact me.

George Morgan

This sample of a character letter is written for a person seeking admission in school. You can use this sample and modify it according to the purpose of writing.

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