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Character Letter Template for Court

It is very well said that never fall into the vicious circle of court cases. Once you get into this, then you are not only looked down by the government officials, but also by the people of your community. Though, the charges against you may or may not be true.


There are many charges that demand your appearance in the court. It could be for a theft, murder, robbery, drink-driving, molestation, child custody, adoption, etc. When you are standing in the witness box for testifying, it becomes very difficult to prove your innocence in the court, or win a favor of the judge.

Character letter for court helps to tell the judge that you are not a habitual offender and the crime is committed by mistake. It should include evidence about you and how the writer is involved with you on personal and professional basis. It should also present a lot of information about you to the court and express apology for the crime committed. A well-written character letter may help to reduce the harshness of the sentence that the court might be awarding.

Character Letter Template for Court

  • Contact Information
    Writer's Name
    City, State, Zip Code
  • Date: In DD/MM/YY format
  • Receiver's Information
    Sentencing Magistrate/Sentencing Judge
    Court Address
    City, State, Zip Code Ask the accused in which court the hearing is going and write the addressee information accordingly.
  • Subject:
    Case Number _______ You can get this information by calling the court clerk or administrator.
  • Salutation
    Your Honor,
  • Body of the Letter

      1st Paragraph
      Tell the judge who you are and what your occupation is. State how and since when you know the accused. For example, "My name is XYZ, and I am a general manager working with ABC Consultant. The (accused name) is a friend of mine, and I know him very well for the last (number of years)".

      2nd Paragraph
      Write some positive character traits of the accused. Provide some incident or example to justify what you are writing about the accused. State some good work done by the accused. Express your feeling about the charges imposed on the accused, and how and why you think that the accused should be pardoned.

      "XYZ is very generous with his time and his money. I remember driving home and seeing our elderly neighbor struggling to breathe because of heart-attack. XYZ immediately rushed to provide first-aid to the patient. After doing all the necessary stuff to bring the patient into the normal condition, he drove the patient to the hospital in his own car. He even paid the deposit amount to the hospital since the patient's kin was out-of-town. This is just one example of how XYZ demonstrates his generosity and compassion to others."

      3rd Paragraph
      If you find the accused is sorry and regretting his act and willing to pay for the damage caused by him, state it in this paragraph. Again, stress on the sound character of the person and thank the judge for taking time to read the letter.

      "XYX told me about the charges he is facing and is very sorry for his act. He feels that the wrong act might have been done under the influence of some evil spirit. Otherwise, he wouldn't even dare to do this in his dream."

You can use this character letter template for court by customizing it as per the charges against your friends and his positive attributes.

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