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Good Character Letter for Court

When you are summoned by the court to appear for a hearing of the case filed against you, you need something to prove your innocence. Character letter under such a situation helps to serve an evidence of your character.


A character letter for court can be written by a friend, or any family member. It need not have to be written by a person of authority. The only expected criterion of the writer is that he/she shouldn't have been charged under any criminal offence. The main aim of this letter is to draw a positive picture and state some useful information about you. It helps to explain the judge about your character than judging you assuming the charged against you.

A well drafted character letter for court can have an impact upon the sentence that is imposed by the court. It should help to bring the real character you into life. It should be addressed "To the Sentencing Magistrate" if the case is pending in the Magistrate Court. For the County Court, it is addressed as "To the sentencing Judge". If the court is correctly addressed, it will serve the purpose of writing the letter aiming to them.

Sample of Good Character Letter for Court

Your Name
City, State, Zip Code
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The Sentencing Magistrate
Name of the Court
City, State, Zip Code

Your Honor,

I am a friend of Sam Saxon, and we know each other for the last 10 years. Sam's grandparents live in my neighborhood. Sam had lived with his grandparents until six-year ago. He is a baseball coach of the school my children are studying in. He used to visit his grandparents and will come over to me to talk with me.

Whenever I met Sam, I found him to be an honest and trustworthy person. I have trusted him to take care of my pets and house while I was away on holidays.

Sam's childhood had been a troubled one. He was placed with his grandparents when he was 12 years old by the family court. I am not aware of the reason for placement.

Before joining the school, Sam had worked in few departmental stores as a clerk. Whenever, I visit any of those stores, the staffs always enquire about Sam, since they were aware that he was once my neighbor. This gave me the confidence that he is the man whom people can remember.

Sam has told me he is facing a charge of willful damage to the property. He said this was because he could not see the car parked because of the rain, and he hit it while reversing his car. He said this happened because the parking lights were not working. He has told me that he was embarrassed about the incident and did not wish to cause damage to anyone. He also said he was willing to pay for the broken bumper to be replaced.

Your sincerely,
(Your Name)

This sample of a good character letter is written for court appearances. While writing a character letter for court, state only those points that are true. Stating false and irrelevant things could damage the defendant's case. Most importantly, don't ever suggest the penalty to the judge. Since the judge knows better about the rules and laws than you. Seek some legal advice from the lawyer and do as per their advice.

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