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Good Moral Character Letter

What is a good moral character? Moral is a principle of right or wrong behavior that is generally accepted by a society, and a character is the personality one carries. In short, good moral character is your ability to do the right thing and avoid the wrong. According to United States Law, good moral character is a standard to measure present and past actions as well as the behavior of average citizens of the community. It is usually considered while for offering certain benefits or positions.


What are the features of good moral character?
According to USCIS (United States Citizenship Immigration Services), a good moral character is the absence of involvement in the following activities:

  • Being convicted of murder
  • Being convicted of serious felony or crime, which includes:
    • Murder, rape, or sexual abuse
    • Illicit trafficking
    • Money laundering
    • Possession of destructive devices, firearms and explosive materials
    • Theft and burglary offences
    • Kidnapping, ransom demand, or involvement in child pornography

Where good moral character is examined
When you are applying for employment, the requirements among government and commercial employers may vary widely. If you are a lawyer, the government will perform a background check to verify your good moral character before allowing you admission to the bar.

What is good moral character letter?
A good moral character letter is a letter written by a known person and who can provide supporting evidence for the applicant's character. It can be written by anyone, but it is more effective when it is written by someone of distinction or holding a reputation in the society. A good moral character letter is commonly used for job applications to show what kind of person the applicant is.

Sample of Good Moral Character Letter

Writer's Name
City, State, Zip Code


Receiver's Name
Name of the Company
City, State, Zip Code

Dear (receiver's name),

My name is (insert your name). I am an account manager working with XYZ Company. Roberto J. Harris visited me a few weeks ago requesting me to write a letter of good moral character for him. As I know him for the past eight years, I was more happy to be with him than to oblige.

Roberto J. Harris has been a member of our church community for over eight years now. He has been an active and honest member of our community. He looks after all the monetary management of our community, and as of now, Roberto has performed his duties with honesty.

There is always a great amount of contribution from Roberto in all our church functions. Every member of our community loves and respects him. There is no one who could ever say anything bad about him. Everyone talks good about him and praises him for what he does.

I am confident that Robert J. Harris is a person of good moral character and he would perform his job with all honesty and dedication if given a chance.

(Your Name)

This sample of a good moral character letter is written for a job purpose to show how worth the applicant is. If the need is to write for an immigration purpose, simply follow this sample and write the positive qualities of the applicant.

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