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Sample Character Letter to Judge

A character letter highlights the positive qualities of a person who has committed a crime for the first time by some mistake or other reason. The letter includes the details about how the writer knows the accused on personal terms. If the character letter is written positively, it can help to reduce the sentence of the offender. A character letter can make the judge to consider that the person can be reformed, and this is the first and last time he has committed a crime.


A character letter to a judge can be written by any person who knows the accused very well. They may be friends, relatives, teachers, coaches, pastor, a leader of the community, church or any cultural group, or a boss. The writer of the letter should himself exhibit good character and must possess a good reputation.

The main purpose of the letter is to show the judge how the writer knows the accused and how he feels about the person who is on trial. The writer should provide the correct contact information in case the court decides to verify the letter. A character letter to the judge may be useful in any court proceedings. There is a possibility that the judge might consider the wordings of the letter and show some leniency in offering sentence.

Sample of Character Letter to Judge

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Your Honor,

My name is Alexander Christopher. I am a HR manager working in XYZ Company. I have known Tim for the last eight years. Tim is a friend of mine and we both work for the same company. He is working in the accounts department as senior executive.

We share a personal relationship apart from our professional. Both of our children attend the same school. Tim is a sincere and hardworking person and is well respected by everyone here at the company. All these years, there has been no single complaint against him. He is an easy-going and cheerful person.

Tim shares a good rapport with all his colleagues. He is very caring and generous by nature. Last year, one of our employee's wife had to undergo some heart surgery, which was quite expensive and unaffordable considering the salary and bank balance of the employee. Tim took the initiative to raise the fund for the surgery. He personally contributed five hundred dollars from his pocket and raised the total fund of $12000.00. It was his generous attitude that the surgery was performed without any hassle.

Tim spoke to me about the charges against him for 'damage to property under the influence of alcohol'. This was something out of his character. He said this was because he threw the glass towards the counter, which accidentally hit the window. He is very sorry for the incident and regrets the act. Tim said that it happened under the influence of alcohol and got agitated as the waiter denied serving him more drinks.

Tim is ready to pay for the damage and replacement of the glass. He also assured me that he will never ever drink outside his home.

Yours truly,
(Your Name)

Follow this sample of a character letter to judge by customizing it as per the charges levied on the defendant and their personal attributes. Before mailing the letter to the judge, get it checked by the defense lawyer. Don't lie or include things you are not sure about as this might affect the case of the person, you would be writing this letter for.

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