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Employment Commitment Letter

Employment commitment letter or contract letter is a required document that needs to be duly filled and signed by the candidate at the time of joining any company. It notifies the duty and terms in the office that includes the retirement age, retirement benefits, probation period, terms of leaving the organization and non-disclosure treaty under which in any consequences, you cannot disclose the company information or join the rival companies.


It is one of the most important treaties that need to be signed. Many corporate as well as government organization circulate this commitment letter as a precautionary measure to safeguard their business. Employment commitment letter shows the dos and don’ts in the organization as well as the duty of an individual in the company.

Let’s have a look at some of the key points in the commitment letter of an employee:

  • Employer’s have a right to dissolve your service without any further notice. However, all the term benefits that need to be given to an employee will be provided subjected to the successful completion of the term.

  • Under no circumstances the employee will share the company information with an outside body. The protocol should be maintained and employees are not allowed to pass company information to any outside source.

  • Employees are eligible for a provident fund and pension after completion of successive terms in the organization.

  • In case of discontinuity of the term, the employee needs to serve the notice period and after completion of the period, company will relieve an employee from his/her services.

  • Employee’s family and respective nominees are subjected to get medical and other benefits.

Commitment letter helps the candidate to understand the various terms and clauses of their employment. Employment terms are crucial parts in any job. Job offers are incomplete without a commitment letter. It safeguards the employee interest as well as the company interest. The letter of commitment is made by the compliance department of the organization along with the human resource team. They discuss the dos and don’ts in the company.

Human resource professionals provide the employees all sort of relevant information about the company. They also describe the break up of salary and the probation term in the organization. These terms and conditions keep on changing and that depends on the timely requirement of the company. In case of non-committal of terms and conditions, the employees are subjected to face legal actions.

Employment commitment letter is the most sought-after letter that helps in understanding the mutual collaboration and duties between an employer and an employee.

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