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Complaint Letter

Complaint is a way of expressing your dissatisfaction on something. It is a written or spoken statement in which someone says that they are not satisfied with something. There are many instances where you will need to write a complaint letter. For example, if the product you purchased from a company doesn't work the way it was promoted to you, or when you have been charged exorbitantly for some services rendered to you, or when the processing of your documents takes more time than needed.


A complaint letter is the most powerful tool to express your view by using effective language. You can make your complaint through an email, phone call or personal visit. But, writing a complaint letter will help you to see that your complaint is registered to the right person and it is being dealt with. Writing a complaint letter to the concerned individual or the company is an indication to them that they might have to face some consequences if the complaint is not taken care of. However, a compliant letter should not threaten the reader and it should make them realize what wrong is been committed by them. A complaint letter crafted with appropriate wordings and to the point will catch the attention of the reader and yield a positive outcome within a set period of time.

A complaint letter is addressed to the concerned person who is responsible. If you are an employee and when you want to raise your complaint for unfair treatment, you can write the letter to the human resources department of the company. Similarly, for a faulty product or any rude behavior meted to you by any of the service staff, you can register your complaint to the head of the department.

Every person, with whom you interact or do business with, such as retailers, service representative, professionals, government entities and others, they all have to provide you the right service, product or information you are seeking from them. If they fail to comply with any of their obligations, don't just deal with the unpleasant effect that has happened to you, which can be either lost of money, waste of time or unnecessary stress. Simply write a complaint letter informing what has gone wrong and suggesting your expectation through the complaint letter.

When you sit to write a complaint letter, you have to stay calm even though you may be tempted in venting your anger against the treatment given to you. You shouldn't play the name and blame game in your complaint letter. Keeping your cool will allow you to express your thought in a logical and precise way and to stay focused. An angry complaint letter will not fetch you the desired result and it will add pain to your suffering.

In short, we can conclude the time and effort that one puts in writing a complaint letter is better than asking a complaint by email or phone calls. Moreover, a written compliant letter ensures you that the letter is reached to the right person and soon there may be some type of action taken against your complaint letter.

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