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Bank Charges Complaint Letter

When you have an account with a bank, you are liable to pay some charges for the services rendered. For the bank has every right to earn and make a profit out of it. Some charges levied might be appropriate and as per the banking rules. Whereas, few just might be dubious and unfair and are enforced to spin the money another way around.


Banks have every card at their disposal to make money the wrong ways, especially when you as a customer are not aware of the banking regulations. It is quite possible that the bank may charge you more than the usual for your bounced cheque, or they can impose excess interest on your demand draft. They may even charge you more than your expectation for not maintaining an average balance in your account. It is therefore, important to update yourself with the banking policies and raise an alarm if they find any yourself a victim of such any acts.

You can inform the bank about the wrong practice by writing a complaint letter when you are charged heavily for any of their services. By writing a complaint letter, it makes compulsory for the bank to respond to it. You should start the letter by providing details of the types of account and the date you are holding it since. It should include the type of charges debited from your account, and provide some evidence as how the charges dictated is not in accordance with fair banking practice. Lastly, it should request the bank to withdraw the charges from your account and tell in a polite way that you are not willing to hold an account with the bank any more.

Bank Charges Complaint Letter Sample

Anne W. Vela
13601 Bruce B Downs Blvd, Ste 150
Tampa, FL 33613-4610
(813) XXX-3100

15 January, 2011

Paul Adams
Bank Manager
Business Bank
4530 Sinders Street
Tampa, FL 33613-4610

Subject: Complaint letter against cheque bounced charges

Dear Adams,

This is with great pain and frustration that I am writing to inform you about the cheque bounced charges you have debited from my account. I am a regular saving account holder of your bank for the last six years. My saving account number is X-214578965, and it was opened in your Tampa branch.

On 30 December, 2011, I wrote a cheque in favor of XYZ Company Ltd. The cheque was written for $950.00 as a payment of the product purchased from the said company. My account reflected a balance of $1050.00 on the day of writing the cheque. However, the cheque was not honored in spite of having sufficient balance to cover it. Moreover, you have already deducted $150.00 as a cheque bounced fee from my account.

I strongly believe that this is something against the fair banking policy, and the charges debited from my account should be credited and the cheque be honored. You can check all my previous records and can find that I have never bounced any cheque before, and this was no exception. I, therefore, request you to take this matter seriously and do the needful.

Yours truly,
Anne W. Vela

Human errors are bound to happen. Though a bank is an institution, but it is the people who work in it and do all the activities. If the bank has committed a similar mistake with your account, then this sample complaint letter will help you draft the complaint letter.

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