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Complaint Letter against an Employee

It is impossible to monitor every single employee's behavior for an organization, especially when the number of employees is in hundreds or thousand. Though all employees, regardless of their position in the organization, have been briefed about their role and the work ethics prevailing in the company, the management still receives complaint letters against an employee every now and then. Generally, the complaints are from the clients or customers working outside in tandem with the organization, or from co-workers within the organization.


The complaint against the employee can be the mistakes committed by him/her on the work floor, or it could be about their inefficiency to perform the job well. Whatever is the reason, the company should not ignore the complaint and need to take an appropriate step to solve the problem. This is important because if the complaint is from the customer, it is possible that company may lose business. On the other hand, if the complaint is from a co-worker, it could spoil the working atmosphere within the organization. Either way, a complaint against an employee is a serious letter and demands an urgent attention.

Sample of Complaint Letter against Employee

Nancy J. Ballard
13601 Bruce B Downs Blvd
Tampa, FL 33613-4657
(813) XXX-340

15 September, 2010

Lindy Hall
Stores Manager
XYZ Motors Ltd.
1210 Farm Lane Road
Tampa, FL 33613-4620

Subject: Complain against an employee

Dear Hall,

This is to bring to your notice about the casual attitude shown by one your employee by the name of Alec Boswell during my visit to your showroom last Friday.

The purpose of my visit was to install new audio speakers in my car. I reached your showroom around 16:45 hours, and requested some assistance on the matter. He just nodded his head and went at the back of the shelves only to return after 20 minutes. I asked him politely to help me in choosing the speakers for my car. He just answered me rudely saying 'it's your money, you should know better'. I thought maybe he might have had a fight with his wife in the morning.

Finally, after going through few options, I choose speakers of XYZ make. When I asked him to install it my car, he flatly asked me to leave the car in the showroom and come the next day to collect it. This came as a shock to me, since I knew how much time it requires to fix the speakers. Moreover, there was no rush of customers in the showroom at that time. I tried to convince him, but he was just too adamant to give up. I couldn't contact you as well since you were not in the showroom. At last, I have to leave the showroom without the speakers.

I hope you will take some action against this delinquency shown by the said employee. I am not trying to let off some steam against him, but to aware you of losing your business in the future.

Nancy J. Ballard

When you write a complaint letter against an employee, just list the facts of the events clearly so that the reader can investigate the matter and resolve the issue. This compliant letter sample will help you to write your complaint letter if you have received similar type of treatment.

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