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Complaint Letter for Poor Facilities

Any concrete structure such as a school, bank, gym or hospital can cause a serious problem to your health or life if the maintenance is overlooked by the people responsible. For example, if the roof of the school gymnasium needs an urgent repair and is about to fall anytime, and the school authority is totally blind about its seriousness, you can just imagine what horrifying scene the falling roof can create. The impact of the hazard to your health could be no lesser from the problem created from the clogged drainage or a broken toilet.


There are many other instances that could be a matter of concern for your health and life. If you see any threat either to your health or life, you can write a complaint letter to cite poor facilities and to request the repair, replacement or improvisation of that particular facility. The aim of a complaint letter should be to highlight the problem and get it rectified in a quicker time. The letter should not target the reader for the bad situation, since he/she may not be the person responsible for the damage or bad condition of the equipment. It should indeed be polite and firm in explaining the problem and stating how serious the problem could be if not solved immediately. Here is a complaint letter that could help you to write one if you are going through this similar problem.

Complaint Letter for Poor Facilities

Stetson Bentley
6465 Lorraine Drive
Middletown, OH (Ohio) 45042-1300
(651) XXX-1245

10 November, 2010

Tex Unger
XYZ School
Any Street or Drive
Lost City, State, Zip

Re: Poor school facilities

Dear Unger,

My name is Stetson Bentely, and I am a professional photographer. My son Judd Bentley is IX grade student of your school. I am happy the way he is progressing in his study and other curricular activities. I have a great regard for your school. However, a recent visit to your school has forced me to write this complaint letter.

Judd requested me to come to the school and see him participating in some sports event going on currently in your school. Yesterday, when I visited your school, Judd walked me around all the sports facilities and equipments your school is offering to the students. I am sorry to say that I was greatly disappointed to see the cleanliness of the gym and the bad condition of some of the equipments. The sight of the gym toilet was so horrifying that I strictly instructed Judd not to use it. It was very dirty and full of foul smell that no one could stand there even for a minute. The equipments were also making all sorts of squeaky noise as if calling your attention to either replace or repair it. Even the locker rooms need repainting and so does the administrative office.

I really feel that there is an urgent need to take care of these facilities to avoid any health problem or serious injuries to the students. I hope you will take this complaint with a positive frame of mind and do the needful immediately.

Yours sincerely,
Stetson Bentley

This complaint letter for poor facilities is written to the school principal to inform him about the conditions prevailing in the gymnasium and to explain what possible threat it could bring to the health and life of the students. If the letter is not responded properly, you can go ahead and file your complaint with the Department of Education of your area.

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