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Complaint Letter for Refund

We invest money on some product or service to enjoy it to the fullest. However, sometimes it may just turn the opposite and can cause us great pain and suffering. We can write a complaint letter to the service provider or the seller and demand either a replacement or refund. A hand-written or typed complaint letter is likely to receive a better response than a mail or a phone call. If the letter is sent through a registered mail, then the receiver has no choice, but to respond to the letter.


When you write a complaint letter to seek a refund for bad product or service, you should start it by stating the detail of the product. The date, model, serial number and the price paid for the product should be included in the letter. Further, you should state the problem clearly and briefly. There is no need to yell and talk endlessly. The reader may not respond to such a letter. The trick is to be patient and calm and get your work done. In the next section, you should write about your expectation whether you need a replacement of similar product or the refund. The letter should fix a time period of response, and it should carry all the copies of the relevant documents with it.

Sample of Complaint Letter Refund

Terry D. Wilson
10 Downing Street
Camden, NJ 08105-4020
(856) XXX-5786

20 December, 2010

Ryan Blair
Customer Care Manager
Sale Electronics
Sales Street
Shopping Town, NJ 08105-4010

Dear Mr. Blair,

On 15 December, 2010, I purchased a 32-inch LCD TV, serial number XYZ 12546328 from your store for $650.95. The look and the color of the screen were exactly as it was aired in your commercial. I was extremely happy to have it as my favorite Spanish League tournament was about to start from next day. But my happiness was only for a shorter period of time, probably couples of days.

The installation of the TV was done by your technicians who delivered it to my home. They left immediately after assuring the working condition of the TV. For two days the TV was working quite to my expectation. However, the problem started from the third day. Firstly, it took more than the usual time for the picture to appear on the screen the moment I put the switch on. Secondly, few thin white lines started appearing at the top and bottom of the screen. These lines are very distracting and disturbing the clear view of the pictures. It has become impossible for me to enjoy my favorite club matches on TV. I am really disappointed with performance of the TV and confident that it is due to a major manufacturing defect.

As the main purpose of purchasing the TV is not solved, I am returning it to you and ask to refund the entire amount. I am enclosing the copy of the purchase receipt and the warranty card along with this letter.

I hope to receive my refund within ten days from the date of this letter and hope that there won't be any need of seeking help from the consumer protection agency. Please contact me either by email or phone at your earliest.

Terry D. Wilson

This sample letter will help you to get a refund for any of your products that have not worked as per your expectation. You can also use it as a template to write about your dissatisfaction for any service provided to you and to ask a refund for the same.

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