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Complaint Letter to Landlord about a Neighbor

If you are lucky enough to have a good neighbor, then life becomes easy for some extent. For example, the neighbor can take care of your home when you are out for a family vacation, or they can collect your daily newspaper and morning milk on their way. They can also guide on some important issues or help you by dropping you till your office if their route is similar to yours. The advantages a neighbor can bring are tremendous. However, there are some who are adamant and can prove hard nuts to crack. If you face any such neighbor, you can complain about them to the landlord by writing a complaint letter.


Complaint letter about a neighbor should be written to the landlord or to the Home Owners Association. The letter should clearly identify the problem you are facing from the neighbor in a polite way. It should also include the measures taken to resolve the problem before writing of the letter. The letter should mention the start date of the problem and its frequency of occurrence. The letter should state the expected outcome in response of the complaint.

Complaint Letter to Landlord about Neighbor

Erwin D. Thatcher
XYZ Condominiums
Flat No. 12, 'B' Wing
11885 Lamplighter Lane
Oak Hills, CA 92344-8691
(760) XXX-8903

17 December, 2010

Christopher J. Hacker
Brighter Apartments
Kings Road, 9th Lane
Oak Hills, CA 92344-8688

Re: Compliant about tobacco chewing habit

Dear Hacker,

I am your tenant of XYZ Condominiums residing in flat no. 12 of 'B' wing located at 11885 Lamplighter Lane, Oak Hills, CA. The reason to write this letter is to complain about my neighbor, Mr. Jarvis from flat no. 11.

Mr. Jarvis has rented the flat just a month ago. From the first day of the moving in this flat, he had created problem for me and other residents. He is addicted to tobacco chewing and he couldn't control the urge of spitting that he derives from chewing tobacco. Many a times, I have found him spitting on the staircases, whenever he goes out of the society. The spitting had left blemishes on the staircase which looks very bad. It also emits a foul smell which is very frustrating. I have spoken to him at least 10 times and asked him to control his urge to spit or do it in his toilet or bathroom. That way nobody will have an objection with his chewing tobacco. However, Mr. Jarvis is too reluctant to response positively, and hence I continue to see all the spitting stain on the staircases.

Now, it has become a matter of daily affair, and I need you to take some action against Mr. Jarvis. I would also like to recommend you to call a meeting of all the members of the society and raise this issue.

We, all the residents want to keep our home and the society clean and safe from any bad habits reflecting on our children. I hope you can do something for this problem as early as possible. Please keep me posted about your attempt.

Erwin D. Thatcher

Some neighbors badly reject the age-old proverb that says 'Love your neighbor'. When talking to them doesn't yield any result, then write a complaint letter explaining about the problem caused by them to the landlord or to the association.

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