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Dog Barking Complaint Letter

Sometimes, the relations with your neighbor can go sour because of a dog barking. Some dogs have the habit of barking incessantly at anything they see it for the first time, or even when they hear some walking step. This could really disturb the otherwise peaceful neighborhood. You can talk to your neighbor and suggest some training material about teaching the dog when to bark and when not to. If the problem seems never ending, you can file your complaint.


To complain about your neighbor's barking dog, you should first find out the procedure of complaining with the animal control office. Once you are aware of the procedure, it will be easy for you to write a complaint letter. After receiving the complaint from you, the officer from the animal control office will approach your neighbor and find out about the barking dog problem. If the problem still persists, you can file a second complaint. Again the officer will visit the neighbor and issue a notice for violating the noise control ordinance.

Before approaching the animal control office, you can try to inform the building manager or the president of the Home Owners Association. If they could come up with a solution by holding a meeting with your neighbor, then it will save you time of going to the animal control office and complaining about the neighbor's barking dog.

Dog Barking Complaint Letter

Mark Elliott
120 South West Sandalwood Street
Chicago, IL 65450
(651) XXX - 8745

April 20, 2010

Alistair Bell
Sandalwood Homeowners Association
100 North East Sandalwood Street
Chicago, IL 65450

Dear Mr. Bell,

This is with great disappointed I am writing to inform you about the irritation caused to me and my family from my neighbor's dog. Mrs. Lisa Kimble is my neighbor from 125 South West Sandalwood Street, opposite to my house.

The moment I take out my car from the garage, her dog starts barking. The dog keeps barking until I pass the entire street or until I can be seen. The same thing happens with my kids when they are in my garden to play. The barking problem is causing a great amount of disturbances to me and other neighbors.

I tried to speak with Mrs. Lisa and requested her to keep the dog at the backside of her lawn at least for few hours of the day. However, she didn't give up to my request, and I often find the dog left lose at the front of her house facing the street.

I request you to speak to Mr. Lisa and explain her how important it is to keep her dog at the back side of her lawn to maintain peace in the area. If I could be of any help to you, please call me at my number.

Yours sincerely,
Mark Elliott

This dog barking complaint letter is written to the president of the association explaining him about the disturbances caused by the barking dog and the steps taken to resolve it. If you have a similar type of problem with your neighbor, then use this letter as a sample to draft your complaint letter.

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