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Hotel Complaint Letter

When you plan a vacation with your family, you have to make lots of arrangements. Such as booking flight or train tickets in advance, shopping as per the need of the vacation, and most importantly booking a room in a hotel to stay. If you are lucky to drop in a good hotel, your vacation could be a memorable one, and if you fail to find one, your vacation could just be miserable.


Sometimes, you may find yourself land up in a wrong hotel. You may not get hot water for bath, or find the soap and the towel missing from the bathroom. It can be due to the failure of the heating system, and the casual attitude of the room service personnel in changing the towel and soap. Furthermore, you may not get your laundry on time, or find the air conditioning unsuitable for the room. Sometimes, despite the instruction given to the front desk, you may not get a wake-up call. Problems are bound to happen if you have not checked-in a five or seven star hotel.

When you face any problem and feel that the hotel is not worth they are charging for, you can talk with the front desk personnel to raise your issues. If the issues to look after are beyond their capacity, you can talk to the manager of the hotel or write a complaint letter if he/she is on a tight schedule. The complaint letter has to be short and it should discuss the issues faced during your stay. You should mention the type of room you stayed in, and the rent charged for the same. Then you should write about the problem you faced in the hotel. In the end, you should leave it up to the hotel to make you visit again.

Hotel Complaint Letter Sample

Rachel J. Salley
Manager - HR
ABC Company Pvt. Ltd.
121 Spring Garden Drive
Hutto, TX 78634-4020
(512) XXX-1852

May 1, 2010

Danny Cusack
Fairyland Hotel
Hutto, TX 78634-4010

Dear Cusack,

We have been giving business to your hotel for last three years. We regularly make room bookings for our delegates, clients and guests in your hotel. For all these years, we have not even made you to remind us about any of your pending payments. We have always been on our toes to settle your payment.

However, it seems to us that you are in no mood to continue business with us. Let me explain the reason behind asserting this statement. On 4th April, 2010 we booked 15 non a/c double rooms in your hotel for our 30 new joining candidates. The date of stay was from 15 to 25 April. However, on the day of booking, our candidates were allotted only 10 rooms. As they were short of five rooms, they had to adjust sharing three each in a room. They somehow managed with this problem, but this was not the last. Your staff did not provide proper room service to our candidates. Whatever they ordered, they were informed to come down and have it in the restaurant. I didn't understand the reason behind denying the room service.

As this has happened for the first time, I request you to look into the matter and reply to me with an assurance of not repeating this unprofessional behavior again.

Yours sincerely,
Rachel J. Salley

When you are a regular customer of a particular hotel, you have all the rights to complain about any misappropriation behavior showered on you. This sample of a complaint letter is a perfect example to remind the hotel about their failure.

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