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Medical Complaint Letter

As the numbers of patients are increasing because of injuries and new found diseases, the chances of medical malpractices are also in an increase. For example, if you are getting your treatment done from your family physician, it is the physician's responsibility to diagnose a disease at the initial stage, which could help in planning a new course of treatment for your well being. If he fails to diagnose the disease, it could complicate the situation and may cause you major problem that could even result in your death. On the other hand, when a wrong medicine is prescribed by your doctor, the medicine could cause you a serious problem. Further if you are allergic to certain medicine, it may even cause you your life. These are all the types of malpractices that could be brought to books.


Patients all over the world are facing serious health problem due to the medical malpractices. You can lose your loved one if the medical personnel had used the wrong medical device or they had used the right medical device wrongly. In this situation, you can consult a lawyer to file a suit for medical malpractice. If you are the victim of wrong medical practice, you are eligible to claim compensation from the hospital or the healthcare provider.

You can raise your concern through National Health Services. Through this service, you gain the right to a complaint for any of the misconduct you have been treated for, any medical benefit being denied to you, and when you don't receive an appropriate reply for your objection. For other small issues such as an unhygienic condition, rude behavior from the nurses or the ward boys, you can write a complaint letter to the hospital authority.

Medical Complaint Letter Sample

Terry Ballard
13601 Bruce B Downs Blvd, Ste 150
Tampa, FL 33613-4609
(813) 979-3100

10 December, 2010
Dr. William Clark
Head of Administrative Department
XYZ Hospital
1380 Barstow Road
Tampa, FL 33613-4609

Subject: Complaint for the unhygienic condition

Dear Dr. Clark,

I had admitted my uncle in your hospital on 4th December, 2010 as he had suffered a minor heart attack. He is on bed number 12 of the special ward. I am writing this letter to complain about the unhygienic conditions observed at that time in your hospital.

I am very sorry to see the toilet in bad condition. The cleaners are not cleaning it regularly and the disinfectant used for the cleaning purpose is of an inferior quality. As you can find all sorts of stain on the toilets and the smell that is emitting from the toilet is unbearable. For a hospital like yours where the numbers of patients are always high, the toilets need to be cleaned at least twice a day. Even the bed sheets and the pillow covers are not changed daily. The laundry person comes only after couples of days to change it.

These are the basic things a hospital management should look after. I hope you can teach your staff the importance of good hygienic conditions so that they can keep the hospital clean and tidy.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,
Terry Ballard

This sample of a medical complaint letter is written to the hospital authority to inform about the unhygienic condition prevailing in the hospital. For serious medical malpractices, it is recommended to take the help of lawyer and decide your course of action.

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