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Noise Complaint Letter

When you are staying in an apartment or a condominium, you are bound to face a noise problem that is emerging from your neighbor's homes. It could be the constant barking of your neighbor's dogs, or the disturbance created by the neighbor's children, or even the loud music from the next door. Whatever is the reason excessive noise creates lots of disturbances in one's peaceful life and also pollute the surrounding atmosphere.


If your neighbor is causing the noise, you can speak to him personally to explain him about the problem. When there is still no result, then you can write a complaint letter to the building manager. This way it will solve your two purposes—first, writing a complaint letter will help you to gather your thoughts and second, you will have enough time to generate your problems into words. Complaining through a letter is also a better option comparing to in person interaction, which could possibly invite further altercations.

When you are writing a complaint letter to the housing association, the letter should include the name and address of the neighbor. It should state the type of noise problem caused by the neighbor and the time and frequency of the noise. Further, the letter should explain how the noise problem is affecting your life. Whether you are not able to sleep or your children can't concentrate on your studies. If you need, you can include few suggestions to the problem so that the neighbor too can enjoy the noise of music without causing disturbances. It should also state what type of help or cooperation you are expecting.

Noise Complaint Letter Sample

Leander M. Nelson
Nice Apartments
831 Marina Village Pkwy
Alameda, CA 94501-1050
(510) XXX-8058

10 November, 2010

Brandon Willis
Building Manager
Nice Apartments
Subject: Noise Complaint Letter

Dear Willis,

I am from Apt. 4B, and am writing to complain about the excessive noise emerging from my next door neighbor, Mr. Matthew from Apt. 4A.

I have already spoken with Mr. Matthew on several occasions and tried to explain him the consequences my family is facing because of the party held in his apartment daily.

I can understand a party can be a real stress buster. However, it shouldn't cause trouble to the neighbor and furthermore, it shouldn't be a daily affair. The party in Mathew's apartment starts at 22 hours and it goes on till 2 o'clock late night and sometimes till 4:00 am early morning. Because of this I am not able to sleep soundly and I feel sleepy the entire day in the office. Same is the case with my school going children. This noise problem is really taking its toll on my personal and professional career.

I tried every possible way from my side to explain Mr. Matthew, but he is quite reluctant to respond to my concerns. Now the time has run out and I have lost all my patience. If the matter is not solved in the next three days, I will have to enforce the city's noise ordinance code (MU 50.15.2001).

Please call me if you need any help from my side in solving this noise problem. I am waiting for your response.

Yours sincerely,
Leander M. Nelson

This sample of a noise complaint letter is written to the building association explaining him about the problem caused by the neighbor. When writing such a letter, avoid using threats and foul language or making any slanderous remarks on your neighbor.

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