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Police Complaint Letter

Police compliant letter is written for a variety of reasons. For example, you can file a police complaint when you notice that your personal belongings such as wallet, important papers, vehicle or valuables stolen or when some anti-social elements from your neighborhood are creating all sorts of nuisance and disturbing your peaceful life. You can or even file a complaint with the police if your neighbor is creating a problem because of his drinking habits. Regardless of the reason, a complaint letter should include details about the incident in simple and crisp manner avoiding any confusion.


The police complaint letter is addressed to the police officer of the nearest police station. The time, date and place are important to describe the incident in the letter. The incident took place need to be described in simple and clear words to avoid any confusion. If the letter is written for the second time, it should mention when the initial letter was written. The name of the officer investigating the case should be included in the letter. The letter should show some faith and respect towards the police department and should end with an expected line of action.

Police Complaint Letter Sample

David Zimmer
I/7, Sky Height Apartments
2322 Silver Lane
New Brighton, MN (Minnesota) 55112-7406
(651) XXX-3073

30 September, 2010

Sergeant Alan Wright
New Brighton Police Department
New Brighton, MN

Respected Sir,

I, David Zimmer, am a resident f Sky Height Apartments. For the last several years, this has been a peaceful area with some good facilities like school, parks, hospital and easy transportation. All the residents of this area were happy with their investment as it is rated in top five sought after locality of Minnesota. However, a recently set up bar set up across the street has become a nuisance for the inhabitants at this address.

I am not aware whether the bar is equipped with a legal permit to run the business so near to the public residence. The customers coming out of the bar pass all sorts of filthy remarks towards every passing girl. Even the security guard of the bar doesn't intervene out of the fear for his life. This has really encouraged the inebriated customers to carry on with their eve teasing act. Further to add agony, the customers just put on loud music in their parked vehicle thereby disturbing the peace of the locality.

Few members of our apartment approached the owner of the bar and tried to explain him about the problem caused by the customers, but he seems to be interested just in his business and gave us a cold shoulder. With all due respect, and faith on the judiciary system, I request you to take an immediate step against this shameful act and make it safe for females to walk the street.

Yours truly,
David Zimmer

When you are writing a police complaint letter, make the presentation and language of the letter simple and effective to create an impression and to establish your point at the same time. You can also use this letter as a guide to file a complaint about a theft that you have subjected to.

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