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Sample of Discrimination Complaint Letter

Discrimination is the injustice, intolerance or partiality brought to a particular person because of their race, age, gender, religion, national origin, marital status, physical or mental disability, etc. It is widely noticed on every front and still exists in most of the countries. You must have been subjected to it right from your school days where your scholarship application was rejected because you don't belong to a particular community and are a stranger to that locality.


The most common and frequent occurrence of discrimination can be seen in working places. Your gender, age, religion, race, etc. can be factors that are generating partiality towards you. Once you are a target of these common phenomena, you can experience it daily. You can notice it when you are not allowed to participate in an important project which could have been proved a milestone in your career. It is also visible when others who are junior to you are promoted ahead to you and when you are not given a decent hike in your salary.

When you find any of these practices inflicted on you, you can complain against it through a proper channel. Nowadays, most of the companies strive to provide equal opportunities to their employees in order to bring the best out of them. For this, they keep a form with the human resources, which you are supposed to fill it. It will be a matter of time for them to investigate and draw some conclusion in the matter. If the outcome is not satisfactory, you can resort to write a complaint letter.

Sample Discrimination Complaint Letter

Bogart Beck
Computer Programmer
Employee Code Number: 1912

Maggie Riggs
Manager - Human Resources
XYZ Software
6258 Amesbury Street
San Diego, CA 92114-6717

Dear Riggs,

I am an employee of XYZ Software for the last five years. In all these years, I have worked with all my enthusiasm and dedication. I have done everything in my stride to see this company on the list of few top companies in the country. I have been sincere and punctual with my attendance. I have never remained absent for more than a day without informing my superior.

However, in spite of having all the qualities to lead a team, I feel that I am ignored deliberately on the basis of my religion. My team mates who are junior to me are given preference to deal with important clients of the company. I am also not even called to attend meetings and never involved in new projects. I was expecting a promotion last year, but my junior was promoted over me.

Now, as my patience has worn thin, I am finally writing to you with a hope to stop this practice and to provide a platform that is clear of any discrimination. You can check all my records from the date of my joining. A lot was promised to me when I joined this company, but nothing as been implemented so far. After giving so many years of my life to this company, I deserve something good. If you are not able to stop this unethical and unprofessional attitude, I will have to think about putting down my papers.

Bogart Beck

It is recommended to try all the options before taking some harsh decision of leaving the company. You can ask to shift you in some other team under a fair leadership. If nothing works, there are also some extreme steps, which can choose from. However, again it is recommended to implicate yourself in any such practice.

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