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Christian Condolence Letter

The loss of someone who is a member of a family, or a close friend is hard to deal with. The gap that is created with the absence of the near and dear one is impossible to replace. The bereaving family is left with a feeling of emptiness and loneliness. Even their home gives them the feeling of missing something. Nothing in such times of difficulty can give them comfort or pleasure. We can manage to bring them relief, to some, extent by writing a condolence letter.


The tradition of writing a condolence letter was adapted by the Christian. In this letter, you can convey your concern or deep condolences to the family in grief. It is written to the family members, friends or colleagues on the death of their dear ones. The letter should include some positive message for the bereaved. Through a condolence letter, you can empathize with family in grief. You should try to reduce the feeling of loneliness of the concerned person through a comforting message.

When your friend or known person loses a member of their family, you should write a condolence letter to express your sympathy. You should mention how you came to know about the death of the person and how you felt to know about it. If you know the person, you can write their good qualities that would make the reader feel happy to read it. If the person is not known to you, you can simply write that you wished you had known the person. In the end, include an offer to provide any specific help.

Christian Condolence Letter

Ms. Sheryl Carino
St. Thomas Mount Road
Los Angeles, CA 90071

10 January, 2011

Dear Ms. Carino,

It was a great shock to hear from Merriam about the passing away of your father. I sincerely express my deepest condolence on his death. I can understand the situation your family is been going through, and let me assure you that I am with you for anything you need from me.

Your father was an outgoing person. He used to love making friends and visiting new places. He was an active member of the XYZ Church Community and had volunteered his services in the many events organized by the church. He was such a person that anyone could have loved to make friendship with. Every member of our church community is very fond of your father. He often used to come up with new ideas for organizing an event for the social purpose. His contribution to our church community is tremendous and his death is a great loss to all our church members.

Please be bold and accept this loss as will of the god for we are helpless before it. Take care of yourself and your family as your family is dependent on you. If you need any type of help, you can contact me and or meet me in person.

With deepest sympathy,
Alistair Campbell

This Christian condolence letter is written to express the deepest condolence from a member of the church community. The simple and supportive words of this letter are sure to give comfort to the bereaving family of the dead person.

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