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Condolence Letter from Church

If you are a Christian, you have to join a Ministry to become the member of the church community. It is generally an activity that is taken at the church to express or spread the faith in god. When you join a Ministry, you finally declare your faith towards god. As a member, you are also bound to teach faith to other members of the community. There may be a time when tragedy in the form of death can strike to any one member of your community. At such time, you should have the power and faith to help and support those who are in need.


When you are a confirmed member of the church, you will get the opportunity to meet people from different walks of life. You will make lots of friends by participating in numerous activities undertaken by the church. But before that, you have to take instructional classes to know about your religion and its background. These types of classes are usually held for a day or two and conducted face-to-face. All your doubts are cleared in those classes, and you have a clear understanding of your religion.

Going to the church allows you to grow in wisdom and to understand the God's word. It gives you the freedom to interact with the like-minded people and to share honestly the problems and solutions faced in life. It makes you understand the problems of your fellow member and help them whenever they are in need. For example, when a member of your community dies, the church helps the family of the deceased with the funeral and other formalities. The members of the church visit the bereaving family and offer their condolence. The pastor of the church sends a condolence letter to express sympathy on behalf of the church.

Condolence Letter from Church

Alicia Santos
8204 Broadway Avenue, Apt. B-112
Whittier, CA (California) 90606

Dear Mrs. Santos,

We, all the family members of the Angle Visit Baptist Church, are in a terrible shock to hear the sad demise of your husband, Jonathan Santos. The church family sends love and condolence to you on the loss of your husband. We hand over you to the capable hands of Jesus Christ. Please console yourself that Jonathan is resting in God's place.

Jonathan was an ardent follower of god. He had confined himself to the hands of the God during the time of his illness. For many years, he had served the church and people of the god with selfless attitude. The church will always remember him as a true Christian and believer of God. Just take solace in believing that God has relieved him from all the pain and suffering to rest in His place. He will always remain in our memories till the infinity.

With all love, care and blessings,
Michael E. Sander, Pastor
Angle Visit Baptist Church

Words of sympathy and support are all that is needed for a bereaving family at the time of losing their near and dear one. The people of the church understand it better and send their support through a condolence letter.

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