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Condolence Letter on Loss of Father-in-Law

There are lots of things to learn from the older people in a family. They can give us their valuable advice in anything we intend to do. Whether it is personal or a business related matter, they can simply contribute their wealth of experience they have earned throughout their life. Any important decision in a family is well executed if it is carried out with proper guidance of these aged people. These elderly people are like the pillars which bind the family into close ties.


Father-in-law has a great influence on the kids as well as their grand children. Their loss is not easy to digest considering the moral and emotional support they shower on the family. They do a lot on their part to see their family happy. They are the most sensitive people, whose only motive of life is to give maximum happiness to their family.

When somebody loses his/her father-in-law, it becomes a sensitive issue considering the involvement of two families. Both the families receive the same type of shock from the death, and it becomes difficult for the friends and other relatives to console either of the bereaving family. However, writing a condolence letter to either of the family member is important to give them some comfort and strength to cope with this situation.

By writing a condolence letter to the grieving family, we try to share their grief and show our respect towards the deceased. We also try to convince them that the departed soul will always live in our thoughts and prayer. We also offer some help to the family members for some time and try every possible step to alleviate their pain and suffering. Here is a sample of a condolence letter written to a friend on death of his father-in-law.

Condolence Letter on Loss of Father-in-Law

Alicia Tabarez
2570 152nd Avenue SE
Redmond, WA 98050

10 February, 2011

Johnny L. Rowan
3800 Blue Spruce Lane
Redmond, WA 98050

Dear Johnny,

It was the most disappointing moment of my life when I heard about the death of your father-in-law. He was really a nice and caring person, and he loved his family very much. It was my privilege to have an opportunity to meet such a person in my life. He was an institution in whole, and I have learned lots of good things from him.

You had a very good relationship with your father-in-law throughout your married life. Both your kids were very attached to him, and he loved them dearly. I can understand your feelings at this time. However, things like this are never in our hand, and we can only pray to God to offer him rest and peace.

Now, you have great responsibilities ahead of you to carry on. Please be with your family and help your mother-in-law to endure this pain. She is the one who needs most of your attention. Don't allow her to go in depression and encourage her that life has to go on, and everything will be back to normal. Please accept my sincere condolences and remember that I am always available for any kind of help.

Yours sincerely,
Alicia Tabarez

Losing a father-in-law is like losing one's own father. A condolence letter at this sad time is all we can do to comfort the sufferer and offer some help.

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