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Military Condolence Letter

Every person should contribute towards the welfare of the country. There are many ways a person can serve to the country. The most honored and recognized profession in serving the country is the military service. You can choose any of the military services that include Army, Air Force, Marines, Navy and Coast Guard. The benefits these types of service offer ranges from education, traveling, medical benefits, and many other perks and facilities. Further, there is a sense of pride donning a military uniform. It is only because of the sacrifice committed by these professionals, the fellow country breathes the free air.


By joining a military service, you can make a great difference to yourself and the country. They not only train you to defend your country, but they also make a leader out of you. The position and authority given at the time of service makes you capable of handling any extreme situation, whether it is a war time or a peace time. You are capable of carrying your responsibilities towards your career, family and the country with a greater sense of authority.

When you complete your service in any of the above categories successfully, there are many opportunities waiting for you. All the sweats shed during those rigorous training periods, and the leadership qualities achieved can be best utilized in any corporate sector. You can work in an executive capacity, manager, technical lead, or even serve a member of the company board. However, the families of the soldiers have to pay price when their kin is serving the country.

Since the military services include sacrifice for the nation, a soldier can die while performing his duty. Under such circumstances, The Secretary of the Army sends a condolence letter to the family of the soldier who dies while fighting for his/her country. If the soldier is from a navy, a letter is received from the Secretary of the Navy. Similarly, the condolence letters are sent by the higher authority as per the sector of the military service. Let's find out one military condolence letter sample.

Military Condolence Letter

Christopher Gale
Secretary of the Army
Washington, DC
Office of Defense

20 February, 2010

Mrs. Evangeline Smith
8308 Fenway Road
Bethesda, MD 20817-2733

Dear Mrs. Smith,

It gives me immense pain to inform you about the death of your son, Lieutenant Juan Smith of the US Army Corps on 18 February, 2010 at Bagdam in Afghanistan. Juan lost his life while fighting with a group of terrorists.

He was a soldier of great courage and bravery, and he truly loved his country. His sacrifice for the country will never go in vain, and I am confident that his sense of pride and responsibilities towards the service will be a source of inspiration for the youngster thriving to serve the country.

I deeply sympathize with you on behalf of the entire unit and the President on his unfortunate death. Please console yourself that Juan has died for a good cause, and remember that God is always with such people who serve their country. You can call Colonel Andrew Hooks at (761) XXX- 2346 for any assistance.

With love and sympathy,
Christopher Gale

A soldier's death is painful to the surviving members of the family. Though, the family can feel pride from the fact that they have lost their son/daughter for the country's sake, yet it is difficult to fill the void death has inflicted on them.

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