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Professional Condolence Letter

Professional condolence letter as the name itself suggests is written to someone having a professional relationship to express sympathy towards the loss of their family member or a close relative or when the recipient of the letter is stuck from some untoward incident. The letter is usually hand-written on the letterhead of the company which includes the signature of the writer, and is delivered through post. Though all professional letters are in a business format, yet the look and feel of this letter is kept informal.


In a professional environment when a person you are in a contract with or are working with you experiences a death at their home, a professional condolence letter is sent to them to express your sympathy. It helps to show the reader about your care and sympathy towards their loss other than your professional relationship. In the letter, you should write about the deceased's association with the organization and few specific memories you had cherished about him/her.

When an employee has lost a family member, then you shouldn't include such details since you may not know the deceased well. In that situation, you should simply write words of support to the recipient of the letter. If you have raised some funds to donate for some social cause in the memory of the deceased, then this information should be included in the letter. Most importantly, it should tell the reader that you share their sorrow and express the sympathy on behalf of the company.

Professional Condolence Letter

Mr. Jacob Chu
Managing Director
I-Knowledge Solutions
36 Sea Side Drive
Chicago, IL 24587

20 August, 2010

Nancy Duvall
Highway Residency, Apt. 11
10 Queen's Street
Chicago, IL 24587

Dear Nancy,

I was devastated when I heard about the passing of your father, Jacob Duvall. The entire staff of I-Knowledge Solutions is sorry for your loss and shares your grief in this critical period of life.

I know your father was hospitalized for his chronic diabetic problems, and I had seen managing all those hospital expenses on your own. As a perfect daughter, you have performed your duty with wisdom and gave him the best of the treatment you can afford. I am confident that any father would be proud to have a daughter like you.

I was fortunate enough to have met your father in a social function organized by the XYZ Club. I found him to be a caring and good hearted person who took every day of his life with great enthusiasm. I was also impressed by the speech he delivered at that function for the rehabilitation of those who were struck by the poverty. I pray to God to bless him with a finest place in heaven.

Please let us know if there is anything we could do for you and your family. You can speak to Mr. Robert Hunt for any kind of help you want. Once again, please pass on our sincerest condolences to your mother and your close relatives and tell them we all mourn the passing of Mr. Jacob Duvall.

Yours sincerely,
Mr. Jacob Chu

This professional letter is sent to an employee to sympathize with her on the death of her father. This letter can also be sent to business partner who has experienced a similar kind of loss by changing the name, address and the relationship the recipient is having with their departed one.

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