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Reply to Condolence Letter

It is expected that one will receive many calls and condolence letters when someone from their family passes away. It becomes a sort of social responsibility either to a pay a visit, attend the funeral or write a condolence letter to the suffering family. By writing a condolence letter, one shows their love, respect and support to the family of the deceased. There is no need for you to reply to the condolence letter received, unless you wish to. However, it could be recognized as a decent gesture if you say thank you to the people who have supported you in your tiring time.


On the other hand, it is also expected by the senders of the condolence letters that you won't be in a state to respond until you have fairly recovered from the blow. No one expects a response, especially for their condolence letter. There won't be any difference in your relationship even when you don't reply.

However, when you decide to reply, you can do is your own way or to your comfort. There is no mannerism involved in terms of replying to condolence letters. You can simply call the people and thank them for sharing your grief, or send a thank you card. Some mourner prefers to thank all the supporters at one go by placing a thank you column in a local newspaper.

Reply to a condolence letter should be written from the heart. It is like an opportunity to express your feelings for the support and help people have shown towards you. Most of the condolence letters would contain personal tales about your loved one. Some may also have tips to recover based on the writer's practical experiences. All these things can be included in your reply letter. Sitting down to reply to a condolence letter could actually be a sign of coming back to normal and reconnecting with the people. Let's find out a reply to a condolence letter sample given here.

Reply to Condolence Letter

Dania Hood
500 Elk Greek Road
Gainesville, GA 20507

Dear Dania,

Your letter of sympathy was a great comfort for me. Your words and thoughts helped me to stand up and face the cruel truth of life. The personal things and few qualities you wrote about my husband, Kevin was so refreshing that I really felt his presence while reading the letter.

I really appreciate the emotions and support expressed by you. It is a great relief to know that I have a friend like you who is always on her toes to help me out in this time of difficulty.

When there are friends like you, it is never impossible to face any challenges of life. I will never forget the support you have given. I have started accepting the fact that Kevin is finally resting in god's place and the journey from hereon is going to be tough.

Thank you for visiting and attending the funeral. I admired your efforts in writing down all those beautiful and comforting words on the letter. Your letter means so much to me, and it will be treasured for a lifetime. Hope to see you again with a different outlook towards life.

Yours truly,

Like the condolence letter, a reply letter should also be short and simple. It should thank the reader of all the support and tell them how much you appreciate it.

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