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Bank Confirmation Letter

Bank confirmation letter is used for different situations or for banking-related transactions. The main purpose of this letter is to confirm the client's credit rating to another party. For example, when you are planning to purchase a house, car or other necessity, you are required to submit a bank confirmation letter to the seller. This letter is a proof to your seller that you hold an account with a particular bank and have the necessary funds in your account to complete the purchase and pay the seller.


A bank confirmation letter is also written to inform the customers that their application for the credit card has been confirmed, and they have to sign a few documents as an acceptance of the terms and conditions laid down by the issuing bank. This letter is also written when somebody requests the bank to know the financial condition of their customer.

Bank Confirmation Letter (1)

Gerard Kent
General Manager
ABC Bank Ltd.
1250 Highway End Street
Camden, NJ 65871

20 December, 2010

Lance J. Herbert
XYZ Batteries Ltd.
3150 False Street
Dayton, OH 51240

Subject: Confirmation from Bank

Dear Mr. Herbert,

This letter is to confirm that Ms. Gladys Garcia of Quick Financial Solutions is a client of our ABC Bank Ltd. for the last seven years. She maintains a current account number XXX 1245 1452 with us and has a good standing in our bank.

As per Ms. Gladys' track-record for the last seven years, we see no problem in certifying that she has enough funds in her account with our bank and she is capable paying the money for the purchase of fifteen batteries that she intends to buy it from the company.

Further, as per the authority given to us by our client, Quick Financial Solutions, you can request any banking-related query of the same by calling our bank officer, Mr. John Wayne at (651) XXX 1234.

We are also authorized by our above mentioned client to honor every term of contract and make payment for the goods purchased from the seller within seven working days after the seller submits the proof of the transaction.

Yours truly,
Gerard Kent

Bank Confirmation Letter (2)

Linda Jones
Credit Card Division
Famous Bank
20 Wall Street
San Diego, CA 85420

10 October, 2010

Martin J. Goulart
Sky-high Apartments
350 Linda Avenue
San Diego, CA 85420

Subject: Bank confirmation letter

Dear Mr. Goulart,
In response to your application requesting for a credit card with our bank, I, hereby confirm through this letter that we have duly accepted your application and are pleased to issue the same to you.

As per your request, we are issuing you a MasterCard, which is used and accepted worldwide. The credit limit offered to you on your card is $20,000, and the cash withdrawal limit is $500.00.

Please, carefully, go through the terms and conditions of the contract attached herewith and confirm your acceptance of the same by attesting your signature and mailing it back to our registered address.

I take this opportunity to congratulate you and look forward to a healthy banking relationship in the future.

Yours faithfully,
Linda Jones

Bank confirmation letter is written for different banking purposes. Here we have seen two reasons of writing this letter. One letter is written by the bank to the seller to inform them about the credit rating of its customer, and the other to inform the acceptance of a customer's application for a credit-card.

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