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Catholic Confirmation Letter

A Catholic confirmation is a religious ceremony in which a young catholic person goes through a ritual of accepting the Christian religion. The person being confirmed is then accepted as a member of the Roman Catholic Church. It is a joyous occasion where the young catholic is declared as an adult and he/she takes into account the responsibilities bestowed on him/her. Confirmation is a sole declaration from the candidate that they trust in God and have faith and belief in the principles of the religion.


To be eligible for confirmation, every catholic person needs to be christened in the Catholic Church. The ritual of the baptism can be held after few months from the person's birth. However, for people who are not yet being initiated in the church rite, a special baptism ceremony is held by the priest. Attaining baptism gives them an identity as a Christian and the child of the God.

A person who is going through a confirmation needs a sponsor who is an adult and a regular member of the church. The sponsor can be a member of the family, a relative or even a friend. They can be a family member, friend or even a relative. The purpose of a sponsor is to guide the young candidate through the confirmation process.

A catholic confirmation letter is written by the sponsor. Through this letter, you tell the person that how much you approve and respect their decision and admire their faith in God and religion. This letter is a gesture to appreciate and welcome people into the Catholic community.

Catholic Confirmation Letter

Sue A. Ross
6300 Monterey Road, Apt. B-9
Tampa, FL 45210

10 January, 2011

Dear Sue,

I would like to congratulate you on completion of the confirmation process. It is indeed a moment of joy and celebration, and I feel so good to find you as a member of our Catholic community church.

Sue, you are a wonderful person and a good daughter to your parents. As an uncle, I am proud to have a niece like you. I have so many fond memories to share with you right from your early childhood. You are such a brilliant and hard-working student that even the school you study in is proud to have you as their student. I still admire your practice of offering prayer to God before having a meal and going to the bed. The most loving thing about you is that you include each and everyone in your prayer.

Now as you are confirmed, I would like you to spread the principles of your religion to others, and to educate them about the importance of walking on God's path. I still remember my confirmation ceremony when I was helped by one of our father's friend, Mr. Patrick Alfonso. He taught me a lot about being a Christian and follower of God. I hope, one day you will join the Red Cross Society and offer your service for the needy throughout the globe.

Sue, you are very special for our family, and we all will pray to God for your long and successful life.

Yours lovingly,
Bryan Ross

When somebody attains a confirmation, it is surely a moment of joy and happiness to the person and the entire family. A person who is being confirmed is received with open arms in the Catholic community. The person's act is welcomed and appreciated by writing a catholic confirmation letter.

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