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Confirmation Letter from Sponsor

To understand a confirmation letter from sponsor, first let's find out who a sponsor is and what roles do they play. A sponsor is a person, group or an organization that provides financial support and accepts responsibility for someone's action. You can sponsor an event, website, a child's education, food and clothing to a family and sacrament of confirmation.


When you sponsor a child's education, you take the responsibility of their tuition fee, school uniform and other additional fees such as transport, picnic and school events. Through sponsoring this noble deed, you help the family members, who can't afford their child's education and are lingering under poverty. You can help a child by being a sponsor for their education and bring them out of the circle of poverty that they are born into.

Nowadays, most of the corporate companies sponsor an event where they invest in millions. By sponsoring, they get an opportunity to present their products and services during the event they are sponsoring. They can display their products and services through advertisement in the space allotted for these purposes. In return, these companies get the benefits of reaching to thousands of consumers at one place and at one time.

As a sponsor, your roll is much diversified. When you decide to sponsor a sacrament, you help the people to understand the importance of the confirmation and explain the intension behind receiving it. You support them to pray, participate in the church community and confess regularly. You infuse the catholic beliefs and faith in the candidate and their parents. You, as a sponsor are someone who is trusted by the candidates, approached for suggestions, and looked upon as a respected figure. By being a sponsor to the sacrament, you receive a life-time experience and in a way follow the commandments of the God.

Let's find out a sponsor confirmation letter written for the sacrament of confirmation.

Confirmation Letter from Sponsor

Marlon Fergus
337 Peace Streets
Camden, NJ 08452

20 June, 2010

James R. McClain
7540 Stillwater Avenue, Ste. 5
Camden, NJ 08452

Dear James,

I am writing this letter to be your sponsor at your confirmation. Being a Christian myself, I am a strong believer in God and have a great faith in my religion's principles and belief. I also have confidence in you that after this confirmation, you truly will serve our people and the God with pure dedication and love.

It was because of my faith in God that gave me the power to fight and survive the throat cancer, and now I will be standing next to you with the same spirit in your confirmation. I have already made a preparation for the big day of your life. I bought a white suit for myself for the ceremony. I have a few suggestions for you regarding the dress code. We will talk about it in detail when we will meet in church this coming Sunday.

I am very happy and proud of you since you have chosen the path God always likes his people to follow. I would also like to thank you for bestowing me the honor of a sponsor.

Marlon Fergus

Helping someone through sponsorship, or sponsoring an activity is a good way to contribute your bit towards your people, regardless of whether it is profitable or not. There are many ways you can help someone to smile and foster faith in their religion and God. This sample confirmation letter is a nice way to make someone follow the accept God's commandments.

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