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Confirmation Letter to Child

Are you wondering what a confirmation letter to child means? It is but obvious to relate confirmation with job as this term is most widely used for employment related purpose. For those who belong to a Christian community, this term is no stranger, but for those who aren't from this circle let me first explain what a confirmation means in the religious terms. Confirmation actually is the process where a young Catholic goes through certain ritual process whereby he/she professes his/her faith and beliefs in Christianity. After the confirmation process, a letter is written to the child to welcome his/her decision.


The purpose of writing a confirmation letter is just to encourage the child for the path he/she has chosen to walk on. You can share memories of your confirmation. The things you enjoyed most while attaining the confirmation class. You can also speak about any verses from the Bible that helped you change your outlook towards life.

Congratulate your child on getting confirmation. Explain him/her what his/her responsibility would be for the future. Express your expectation from him/her as parents. Include a short paragraph about your life's experience and your perception towards it in general. Follow this sample letter and get yourself some help while drafting your letter.

Confirmation Letter to Child

Dear Lucan,

Your confirmation has brought back all the golden memories I had during my time. I still remember those days when I was 16 years old and was very regular in my confirmation class. In all we were a group of eight students who received confirmation at the same time. We all are now good friends. Few of them are settled in some other country for good, but we often exchange mails with each other.

Sunday used to be the most enjoying days compare to weekdays. Our instructor, Mr. Morgan Riggs used to take us to the country side for some community service. We used to go door-to-door and distribute necessity medicines to the poor people all free of cost. We even had many small sessions where we trained the villager about the importance of hygiene. The feelings that one drives through helping others is unbelievable. I am sure you too might have experience the same during your class. I wish you preserve this habit throughout your life.

Now, you have given up yourself to the God, you should fear nothing and have lots of hopes for your life. Just remember that God is always there to support you, whenever you take any step or a decision in your future life. At times, when you are about to fall and somebody holds you, believe that he/she has been sent by God for your help.

Whatever you do in life, just do it with full conviction. Always have faith in God and belief in yourself. This confirmation is your life's first decision that you have taken on your own. There are still many more to be taken in your life. Be firm and never allow anything to overshadow you. Your faith and inner strength will see you through in all your hardship. I wish you a bright future and all the best in your life.

With love from your dad,

It is a good gesture to appreciate and encourage someone when they shower their faith and belief in religion and God. You can encourage them in your own way by giving them gift in their confirmation. However, a letter to appreciate their decision is something that can be treasured by the person for lifetime.

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