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Confirmation Letter to Priest

A confirmation letter to priest is written not only to request the rituals of confirmation, but also to explain the reasons behind their desire to get the holy sacrament. Through this letter, the candidate introduces himself to the priest and explains about his/her confirmation preparation experience. He/she also convinces the priest that the decision of confirmation is his/her sole decision and nobody has forced his/her for it.


A person looking for confirmation has to follow certain formalities as per procedures laid by the church. First, they have to take confirmation classes to understand the meaning and importance of the religion. Second, they are required to submit few documents such as baptism certificate, along with proof of having attained the rites of reconciliation and the first communion. After completing the class, a letter is written informing about the candidate's intention for confirmation to the priest.

The letter to the priest should be written clearly in ink or typed using some word processing software. The paper should be neat, clean and white in color. The name of the priest should be spelled correctly. If you are not sure, you should find out from the church administration office.

The letter should address the priest with "Dear" followed by priest name. Start the letter with your introduction and make a request for the confirmation arrangements. Show your enthusiasm for receiving the confirmation. Convince the priest how important it is for you to get confirmation. Talk about your prior-preparation for the holy ceremony. You can write about your classes, prayer, studies, and voluntary service. Explain and give reason for selecting the confirmation name. This is essential because at the time of confirmation you have to select a saint's name, which is guided in the class by the confirmation instructors. Express how you will lead your life and what Christianity in particular is for you. Finally, thank the priest and sign the letter. Here is a sample of a letter that will guide you when writing one.

Confirmation Letter to Priest

Paul Cooney
4 Mayflower Circle
Worcester, MA 04512

20 April, 2011

Father Kenneth B. Stewart
Church Name
City, State, Zip Code

Dear Father Stewart,

My name is Paul Cooney, and I am a member of your Catholic Church community. As I know through Confirmation one can get closer to God and become a true Christian, I hereby express my desire to become confirmed. It is with such pure intention that I am writing this letter to request you for my confirmation.

I have attended the two-year confirmation classes in the community church. Those lessons have helped me a lot to know all about spiritual service to God. I have chosen St. Francis name for my confirmation. I have read few books on St. Francis and am deeply impressed by his philosophy of leading a simple life of poverty and loving animals.

As a true Christian, I intend to follow the path laid by St. Francis. I will work selflessly for the benefits of the society and my country. I will also work towards curbing cruelty towards animals as it painful to see someone hurting these poor creatures.

Thank you for considering my confirmation.

Yours sincerely,
Paul Cooney

Receiving confirmation is a remarkable achievement in a Christian's life. Confirmation helps you to become spiritually inclined towards society by inculcating religious belief and principles in you. Writing a confirmation letter is an essential step in the confirmation process and you should keep its importance in mind while writing this letter.

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