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Event Confirmation Letter

Events can be described as an activity taken by people such as a meeting, party or sports competition. Basically, an event is a type of gathering for a ceremony such as a marriage, sports competition, a meeting for social or business purpose, a musical event for fun and entertainment, a media event, a party, etc. The term 'event' is also used in science, technology, mathematics and philosophy, but here we are more concerned with an event that involves coming or bringing together of people.


Event organizing requires lots of arrangement that is needed in planning and execution that would make it a memorable one. For example, if you are planning a wedding event, you should approach the wedding planners who are an experienced people in this domain. They have all the source and resource that can turn your weeding to a successful event.

When you approach these people, you need to acquaint them the very purpose of the event. First, the proposed date is to be taken care of. This will help you out to find whether the particular venue is available on your decided day. Second, the other essentials such as the decoration of the hall, transportation arrangements for your guest, any specific meal requirement, changing room for the bride and groom, entertainment, etc can be discussed as per your needs. A reasonable quote will then be given to you after analyzing all your demands. If you approve the quote, then a contract is signed between you and organizer to for the event and a confirmation letter is written to you by the organizer.

Event confirmation letter includes the date, starting and ending time along with the venue of the event. It then states the purpose of the event. It also includes the description of the amount paid in advance and the remaining balance to be paid after completion of the event. Here is the event confirmation letter stating the detail agreed between you and the wedding planner.

Event Confirmation Letter

Michele Miola
Event Coordinator
Happy Wedding Planner
1648 Union Street
San Francisco, CA 95741

10 March, 2011

Sylvia Rexford
165 Smith Street, Apt B-6
San Francisco, CA 95720

Through this letter, I would like to confirm the wedding event that we agreed with you to take care of. The following is the details above the event as per our agreement:

Event Title: Wedding Ceremony
Date: 05 April, 2011
Time: Evening 5:30 pm onwards
Number of Guests attending the event: 250

The total cost of the event is $XXXX, which includes decoration of the hall, buffet dinner followed with dessert. You are also allowed to use the changing room in the hall. Apart from this, two vehicles will be at your service throughout the day.

If anything we agreed upon is missing, please contact me immediately at (650) XXX 1234 to clarify it.

Yours sincerely, Michele Miola

Planning an event is very crucial to make your event successful. Even a small get-together with your friends need to be organized with the help of planning. This will make you either to call, mail or text them about your intention of organizing a party. Only after getting a positive go, you can then proceed with necessary arrangement. Same process is applicable when organizing a wedding event. Through event confirmation letter, you can rest assured that whatever you have planned will be executed as per your request.

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