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How to Write Catholic Confirmation Letter

The Roman Catholics believe that by attaining the confirmation, a person can claim to be a true Christian and a follower of God. Confirmation is a religious occasion where the principles and belief of religion are promoted to the person wishing to become confirmed. By attaining the confirmation, the person affirms their faith in God and builds up ties with the Catholic Church. Confirmation encourages a person to face any challenges in their life, and as well to serve people of their community.


Before attaining the confirmation process, the person has to complete certain formalities. First, the person has to be baptized in the Catholic Church. Second, the person has to go through reconciliation. Reconciliation is a part of the ritual in which the person wishing to be confirmed confesses their sins to the priest. It is believed that the words of confession are heard by God and through this the confessor seeks His forgiveness. A person attaining the confirmation has to wash away all their sins.

If the child is raised in the church, he/she will have already attained the communion service. For Catholics, who aren't members of the church and wishes to become confirmed, can take two-year confirmation class that are held in the community church. In this class, they are taught importance of being a Christian, and why they should walk on the path marked by the God. Once the class is finished, a ceremony is held in which the person asserts his/her faith in God.

As a sponsor, you will need to write a Catholic confirmation letter. You can write it in short by sharing some good memory of the person confirmed. You should include any hopes and dream you have for the confirmed person. You can also add a prayer or a religious song in the letter and end it with a promise to pray for the candidate. Follow these instructions for writing a Catholic confirmation letter.

Instructions on How to Write a Catholic Confirmation Letter

  • First, start the letter by congratulating the candidate on completing the confirmation. This is important since somebody is asserting his/her faith in the religion and God. Similarly, it is not easy to keep the same faith as others do, but when somebody does share it, it should be appreciated.
  • Write some positive features and natural ability about the candidate that you admire. Explain what these things meant for you and your family, and how it stands out from the rest of the candidates.
  • Write in short about your personal experiences you had after confirmation. Include a small paragraph on how and when your belief in religion and trust in God helped you. It is possible that during your confirmation, somebody might have helped you through the confirmation process. Write one or two sentences about them and how they lead you to believe in your religion.
  • Write the significance of confirmation and explain why continuous religious growth is necessary in life. Encourage them for service towards society and make them believe that through selfless service, they can be close to God.

Actually, there are no set guidelines to be followed while writing a Catholic confirmation letter. You can write it through your heart and share anything that will make your letter a memorable gift.

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