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Internship Confirmation Letter

Internship is the best option to get in-hand experience the moment you obtained a degree. Through an internship, you can get the much needed experience if you want to make your career in a particular filed. The period of internship is generally shorter and it ranges from three to six months or at the most to one year. It allows you to gain the real life experience by implementing all the knowledge you secured at the time of your academic period. During the internship tenure, you will have to work under a supervision of some experience hand, which will help to know all the intricacies involved in the job. Internship not only allows you to enhance your skills, but it also helps in developing a professional network for any future reference.


Most of the companies follow their own standard rules of employment. They have set the stages that start from internship, probation and then the last stage is confirmation. Both internship and probation period vary among organizations. However, these periods can either be reduce or prolong depending on the performance of the employee.

Receiving an internship confirmation from the employer is the most joyous occasion of an applicant's life. This is the first ever letter they receive after completion of their study. This letter makes a road for the employee to walk on towards their future destination. It is written by the human resource department of the company. It includes the terms and conditions associated with their internship. Since this is an official document, it has to be written on the company's letterhead. It includes the date from which the employee is expected to start their internship and the period they will remain as interns. It also states that if the employee's job is satisfactory, the employer may decide to change shorten the internship period.

Internship Confirmation Letter

Peter Chavez
Manager, Human Resource

10 September, 2010

Ruth J. Hanson
3507, Longwood Drive
Corona, CA 92456

Dear Hanson,

Further to your internship application and the subsequent interview you had at our office, I am please to inform you that the company is delighted to confirm your internship for the position of 'web designer'.

You are expected to join (name of the company) from 20 September, 2010. According to the company's policies, your internship period will last for six months. You will be working under the supervision of Ms. Sarah Parker during your internship tenure. She will be evaluating your performance after every three months. Depending on your performance, the company may decide to extend or shorten this period.

We have already discussed the terms of employment during your final interview. Still I am enclosing a copy of it for your reference. Please go through it carefully and contact me at (650) XXX-7459 if you need any clarification. Hope, you will bring out the best in you and justify this opportunity with sheer dedication and hard work.

Best regards,
Peter Chavez

When you, as a manager of the organization, write an internship confirmation letter, you shouldn't sound as if you are the boss or doing some kind of favor to the employee. Remember, this is an official letter, and you should write it in a formal tone in clear understanding words. You can grab some idea from this sample confirmation letter.

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