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Landlord Confirmation Letter

Landlord confirmation letter is needed for a variety of purposes. The letter can confirm the tenancy status of the tenant for visa, or bank purpose. The landlord can write this letter to confirm the rent received from tenant, or complaints made by the tenant. Further, through this letter, the landlord can also inform the tenant about end of the lease agreement.


When you are in a new city or a country, you are not in a position to afford home for few years until you have saved some money. Till then, you have to stay in a rented house if there is no provision of accommodation from your company. In such a situation, you need a landlord confirmation letter to confirm your tenancy. This letter is helpful while opening a bank account, gaining employment, joining new club, gym or a local library.

Further, a landlord confirmation letter can also be written to confirm the payment of the rent. Sometimes due to the distance in the rented apartment and the original house, the landlord just instructs the tenant to deposit the rent in the bank account. After the receipt of the rent payment, the landlord writes a letter to confirm the payment.

Similarly, when the tenant complaints to the landlord on the phone, or through a letter about some problems faced during the rented period, the landlord writes a confirmation letter informing the tenant that he has received the complaint and the measures taken to solve the problem.

Here is a sample of landlord confirmation letter written to confirm the tenancy status of the tenant for a visa purpose.

Landlord Confirmation Letter

Marilyn Swain
805 27th Street NE
Canton, OH 44714

05 December, 2010

Entry Clearance Officer
US Embassy

Re: Tenancy status

To whomsoever it may concern
I, Marilyn Swain, am the landlord of the property located at 14950 Zelma Street, Canton, OH in which Mr. Dustin E. Walker is currently residing. The property is rented to the named occupant since 15 July, 2010 as per the lease agreement number XXXX, which is subject to renewable after completion of 11-month period.

This property has two bedrooms, one living room and one dinning room which are big enough for a family of four. Recently, Mr. Walker informed me that his wife, Sarah Walker wish to join him for some study purpose. Since the property is suitable for a family, I have no objection on his wife's staying with him in the rented apartment.

I hereby confirm that the rented property is meant to be used for staying purpose only for Mr. Walker and his family.

Yours sincerely,
Marilyn Swain

As a landlord, you can also add in your confirmation letter, with a lawyer's advice, that the tenants are instructed to stay away from anything that could bring trouble for them. If they are found guilty of any such rule, they will be dealt as per the law of the country.

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