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Rent Confirmation Letter

Investing in a real estate property is a good option to earn extra income. You can earn a good amount of income by renting your property to prospective tenants. However, there are some risk factors involved in renting your property and hence you should take extra precautionary steps before renting it. The first essential thing is to get the right landlord form which will be the appropriate step in earning through your investment. This is important since you may never know by meeting your client, whether they will be going to be a perfect fit and can cause you some trouble down the road. Getting answers to the right questions through the landlord form can save you from trouble.


Before renting your property, you should have the landlord form ready with you to get it filled by the tenant. This will surely help you to know whether you should rent the property to them or not. At the time of completing the form, keep a check on the tenant about how eager in furnishing the information. If they are just making an excuse to fill the complete form or asking too many questions, it is better to give a second thought about renting the property to them.

While renting, you need to know the number of people who will be staying in the unit. You should also find out information about your tenant's employment. This will help you to know whether they are capable of paying rent and what their financial condition is. You can go ahead and ask them a copy of their latest pay slip or a confirmation letter from the HR department. This is essential since many prospective tenants just lie about their employment and simply exaggerate about their earning with a hope of qualifying for an apartment.

Now, many landlords are taking precautionary step to avoid this type of fraud by asking their tenants to provide their employment information. If you are applying to rent an apartment, your landlord may ask you a letter of employment, which for them can prove as a rent confirmation letter. This letter is simply a written statement from your employer that tells the landlord that you are employed with them, and it includes the basic information about your employment, such as your salary and title. You can contact your HR department and explain them that you wish to rent an apartment, and you need a letter of employment, which could let the landlord know about your capability in paying the rent. If your employer is not used to writing this type of letter, here is a letter of an employment or rent confirmation letter to help them draft one.

Rent Confirmation Letter

Samuel D. Jones
Manager - Human Resource
XYZ Company
3545 Halley Street
Camden, NJ 35420

20 October, 2010

Re: Verification of employment for Catherine B. Shannon

To whomsoever it may concern

This is to confirm that Catherine B. Shannon has been employed with YXZ Company since 15 June, 2010. Currently, Catherine holds the title of Sales Executive and earns a salary of $3500 per month, payable 1st week of each month. She works on a full-time basis and 40 hours per week.

For any further clarification, you can contact me at (524) XXX 1234.

Yours sincerely,
Samuel D. Jones

Whenever the landlords rent their property, they just want to make sure that their client is capable of paying the rent. A rent confirmation letter in the form of an employment letter from the employer about the tenant just relieves the landlord from bothering him about the rent.

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