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Training Confirmation Letter

Training confirmation letter is written to the participants of the training program. It includes the formalities to be completed before arriving at the training. It states the date, time and venue of the training. Further it includes the benefits the attendee would be deriving after attaining the program or workshop. It also states whether the people attaining the training has to make the transport and accommodation arrangement on their own or is it inclusive in the training package.


Training is all about performing an activity and developing your skills. Both training and education goes hand-in-hand. If you are not educated, you won't be able to develop your skills, and without training you can't sharpen your skills. To be perfect in your field, you have to attain the training session in your respective field. Training can help you to master your skills for different careers such as industrial, air flight, software, military, nursing, etc. The method of providing training may also differ in all these sectors. For example, a larger part of the military training is provided on the field, whereas for soft skills, indoor training with the help of manuals, videos, the internet, etc. is provided. Whatever is the way and method of training, it is always beneficial to high a full-fledged career.

Training is conducted for the new joinee as well as for those who want to hone their skills set. Today, most of the corporate people organize training for their employee regularly. They actually invest a good amount of money to train their people by hiring a professional trainer. Even schools, colleges conduct a workshop periodically where they train students how to prepare for an interview, or what path should they chose for the future.

When a company organizes training or a workshop, they chose their candidates after scrutinizing their academic qualifications. Then a training confirmation letter is sent to those chosen candidates. The letter is usually written by the training department of the company. Some private institutes also provide training to people. Though, their intention could be to make a profit, but still it is worth attending considering the benefits. Here is a sample of a training confirmation letter send to the participants.

Training Confirmation Letter

Connie Darbyshire
Project Coordinator
Some Training Institute
Any Address
Any City, State, Zip Code

15 July, 2010

Elvis Freeman
3315 Lonely Street
San Diego, CA 92104

Subject: Workshop on disaster management

Dear Elvis,

Accept my congratulation on being selected for the disaster management training program. This training program will help understand the various roles Mother Nature plays in our life.

This workshop will cover the following:

  1. Preventive measure to be taken to reduce the impact of a disaster
  2. Different methods adopted by various countries to tackle this situation
  3. An opportunity to interact electronically with people who are having wealth of experience in disaster management
  4. Managing and securing utilities such as gas, electricity, water, etc.

Please go through the brochure attached with this confirmation letter and be ready before the workshop.

The workshop will be conducted at 2848 Sherman Avenue on 20 July, 2010 from morning 10 am. You are requested to make the transport and accommodation arrangement on your own.

Thank you for your participation and looking forward to an interesting workshop.

Connie Darbyshire

Sending a training confirmation letter helps to remind the participants about the important details that are going to be discussed in the workshop. By repeating the date, time and venue in the letter, the reader could mark about it in their personal diary or calendar and make the arrangements well in advance.

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