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Death Letter

Death Letter - are you surprised reading this topic sentence? I am sure you are, because I too was been surprised when accidentally I clicked this keyword on the search engine that was read by some unknown person. With slight nervousness and out of curiosity, I somehow made up my mind to go through it. When I read the article that was written by some ghost writer, I was restless for the entire day, since I too had a family back at home.


The next day when I woke up in the morning and pushed the window curtain aside, I saw few young children playing in the park that was at some distant from my room. It was as though watching my son playing in the park because those children were of my son's age. Suddenly after watching them play for some moment, the previous day article that I read began to flow in my mind.

With the same thought in my mind, I moved away from the window to take a shower. While I was entering in the bathroom, I slipped and lost my balance and fell on the floor injuring my head and the right shoulder. After lying there for five minutes, I woke up and just thought about the consequences my family would have gone through, in case this injury had been fatal enough to bring me death. Then I realized how important it is to write a death letter for my loved ones so that they can be happy, even after I am gone.

After writing my death letter, I can tell you for sure that I am a more relaxed person since I have already taken care of all those important things my family should know in my absence. Let me explain it to you what I had written in that letter and what it should include.

Writing a death letter is like planning your death. If you have a family, you surely love them. As long as you are alive, their needs and wants are taken care of. Who knows what is going to happen next? Tomorrow if misfortune strikes and you take a journey towards heaven, have you made arrangements for your family? And even if you did, do they know about it. By writing a death letter, you can let your family know all about your investments, assets, liabilities, and importance contacts.

The main purpose of a death letter is to make things easier for your family after you are gone. It is a sort of making a future plan for your loved ones. You should include all important facts of your life in the letter. All the contact numbers of your friends, attorney, insurance agent, real estate agent, policy number, bank account number, SSN (social security number), and passwords for all the social networking sites and other important accounts. If you want, you can share your personal history by writing a short biography that can be read by your grandsons. You can also take help of a lawyer when making an estate plan so that you can rest assured that there won't be any problem for your loved ones.

So, can I hope that I have motivated all the readers in planning and writing a death letter? If it isn't enough, all I can say to ask yourself just one question 'do you love your family'. If the answer is yes, I am sure you will definitely write a death letter for your loved ones' sake.

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