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Death Notification Letter

A death notification letter is written to inform the family member of the deceased about his/her death. The need to write a death letter is more prominent when a close relative or a friend of yours is staying in some country and not in touch with you. However, considering the importance of the message, you have to inform them. The letter should be written immediately after the death so that the recipient could make an arrangement to pay their last respect to the person who has died. If it is impossible for them to visit the funeral, they can at least send their condolences to the family.


When you are writing the letter to inform about a death in your family, you can express it in your own way. There is no book that can teach you how to write a death notification letter. Besides, who would like to read it, even it is written. It can be written both formally and informally. If you are writing it to your superior, you have to choose the former one. To notify a friend, colleague or a relative, you can write the later way depending upon your relationship with the reader and theirs with the deceased. You can hand-write the letter and get it typed. However, it should be short and brief and include nothing more than announcement, and the funeral arrangements. If you want you can add few words about the deceased.

Here is a sample of a death notification letter written to a distant relative informing about passing of grandfather.

Death Notification Letter

Ricky Tyler
124 East 50th Street
New York, NY 10124

25 May, 2011

Jake Denning
Any Street, Any Apt.
Some City, UK 24510

Dear Jake,

Never ever have I though that someday I will have to write this type of letter. But now when the time has finally arrived, I am writing to inform you that Grandpa Harris has breathed his last on Sunday, 22 May, 2011. He had been suffering from kidney failure that was aggravated due to his acute diabetic conditions. His condition was so critical that he had to attain dialysis every alternate day. Anyway, he had given a good fight to the problem and was hospitalized for 20 days.

You can take consolation in knowing that the mayor of the city had felicitated him for his voluntary work just a month before he died. Further, he spent his last two days with all our family members and was very happy to see them all.

We have arranged his funeral at St. Thomas Church where he had a regular member since his childhood. He will be laid to rest next to Aunt Sarah's tomb as he loved his daughter very much. We understand that it is impossible for you to attend the funeral from such a distant. As a last respect to grandpa, we are expecting some donation from you, which will be contributed toward the extension work of the church. If you wish to donate, I have enclosed the detail about the church work with this letter.

I really feel sorry to convey this sad news to you. Maybe, next time when I write to you, I will share some good moments with you, if God so wished.

With love,

Though nobody likes to write a death notification letter, we have to face a situation when eluding from writing it is next to impossible. This sample letter could perhaps help you to write one.

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