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Boy Scout Donation Letter

Boy Scouts of America is a group of school going students or youths. These Boy Scout groups train the enrolled students in various fields. They are trained on all extra curricular activities. Physical fitness, trekking, social service, etc. all are undertaken in Boy Scout sessions. The scouts have to clear various examinations and undertake some projects for clearing the scout course. For the projects they, need donations and they get donations by writing Boy Scout donation letters.


The boy scouts take up various projects like- tree plantation, etc. For such projects they need financial resources and raise the same by requesting for donations.

I have written a sample of Boy Scout donation request letters below. This will help you to draft a donation request letter for your project.

Sample Boy Scout donation letter

James Joy
London Boy Scout
London- 88102
Ph: 55566677788

Mr. David Hudson
Food on Wheels
London- 88105

Dear Mr. Hudson,

I am James Joy and I got your reference from our Scout teacher, Mr. Mark. I have undertaken a project as a part of our Boy Scout curriculum.

My team and I have chosen the abandoned park behind the London Library as a part of our scout project. This is not a government owned park. It belongs to Mr. Charlie, who had a passion for gardening. Mr. Charlie stayed here in a small cottage in the garden, and looked after this park. He died four years back. Since then the park is abandoned. The park was maintained until he was alive. This park was open to all, and people used to enjoy their morning and evening walks, children played here, and it also provided a good view from the London Library window.

We have decided to revamp this park. Plants new trees, install some slides and swings and make a proper jogging track, and Mr. Mark told us that you have always supported such projects wholeheartedly. I have listed down the requirements for the project.

Requirements of the project are as follows:

Materials Quantity
1. Saplings/ plants 50
2. Matte finish tiles (2X2) 100
3. Cement 50 bags
4. Slides and Swings 5 each
5. Benches 20
6. Fence 1200 Meters
7. Sprinklers and pipes 5 each

Please contribute towards this project. You can either provide a monetary contribution or something from the goods mentioned above.

This park once revamped will facilitate around 400 people living in the vicinity. Besides, the visitors coming to London Library will also get a good view. The trees will provide a refreshing and soothing environment.

This effort will help the citizens in the vicinity enjoy their morning walks and live a healthy life.

Please help us to complete our project successfully.

Thank you.

Yours Faithfully,
James Joy

In this way, you can draft a Boy Scout donation letter and complete your project successfully. If you are a part of an Eagle Scout, the same letter will be useful for you as well.

You just need to remember, that your project should serve a purpose and you should be able to convey this to the reader. The reader will not donate for your project if its not worth or useful. You should thus plan a useful project.

Use the sample letter written above, and I hope you get good donations for your project!

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