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Campaign Donation Letter

Winning an election is not an easy task. You need a strong political campaign and continuous interaction with the audiences. However, running a political campaign is very expensive. If you are from a very rich family you may not need any external fundraising for your campaign, but in most campaigns fundraising is needed. For this, campaign donation letters are drafted.


Whom to approach for campaign donations?

  • If it is a college election, you can ask for campaign donations from the college students and friends.
  • Your family, friends and relatives would be the right people to contact for campaign donations.
  • Many groups like labor unions, awareness groups, students' community, etc. can help you out with the campaign donations.
  • For some people campaign funds are like investments. But these people will not make such investments blindly. They should be convinced that you are a strong candidate.

Online Campaign donation letter

Previously, letters were posted through mail. Now with the advancement of technology communication is done through email. You can also send your campaign donation letter through email. Also, it will be easy for you to follow up with the prospect. Online promotion of your party and campaign will fetch you good campaign donations.

There are some basic tips about campaign fund raising and donations. For further reference, go through the campaign donation letter written below.

Mark Say
Hayward College
Kentucky- 77051

Mr. Dick
Welfare Party

Dear Mr. Dick,

I am Mark Say, a student of Hayward College. This year I have decided to participate in the student's union leader election.

I have always excelled in academics and extracurricular activities. I have organized, and also been a part of many social awareness camps, medical camps, etc. I have a keen interest in this field and believe in selfless service of the people. This is the reason I was encouraged by my family and friends to participate in the elections.

Last year's winning candidate is a competition to me in terms of campaigning. He has a strong economic support and succeeds by organizing successful campaigns.

I have always been a follower of your principles and tried to work on the same. Your party actually serves the people and is rightly named as Welfare Party. This is the reason I am writing to you. I request you to please grant me some donation for the campaigning in elections.

I assure you that your campaign fund will not be wasted or misused. I will never disappoint you, and never indulge in any kind of misbehavior or misuse of powers or authorities.

The elections are on 25th March, 2011 and the campaigning will start from 25th February, 2011. I hope to get a positive response from you.

Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,
Mark Say

This is a sample campaign donation letter. In this letter the requester has asked for a campaign donation to a party leader, whom he follows. The party leader could be a right person to approach, because they need new faces and young people to work with their parties, and thus would fund the election campaign.

Approaching the right person, with a well drafted campaign donation letter will help you get the desired campaign donation for your campaigning!

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