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Cancer Donation Letter

Donations are sought for helping patients get rid of their medical ailments. One such medical ailment, that requires huge amounts for treatment is CANCER. Many NGO's and charities work towards this cause and they raise funds for this by drafting cancer donation letters.


There are more than 200 types of cancers, and every cancer has a different treatment. However one common thing in all types of cancer is the cost involved for its treatment. Cancer treatments are usually very costly and it is impossible for a lower class citizen to afford this treatment. Even middle class citizens struggle to get such treatments and many a times fall prey to bankruptcy, if at all they get into such a situation.

The charities work to help such needy people. They not only provide financial help, but also help in spreading awareness about cancer. There are many hospitals that have special divisions dedicated to cancer, and they in co-operation with different trusts and charities, provide free treatments and check up for cancer patients. For all this, huge funds are required as there are many expenses like medical equipments, medicines, consultant's fees, etc. These funds are raised through donations.

Following are two donation request letters:

  1. A Cancer foundation requesting for donation
  2. A father requesting for cancer donation for his child

Sample cancer donation letter - 1

Tom Bear
Win Over Cancer foundation
New York- 55102

Rodriguez Kelly
Manager- SUV Corps.
New York- 55106

Dear Mr. Kelly,

I am Tom Bear from "WIN OVER CANCER foundation". We have been working for cancer patients for past one decade. We have successfully treated more than 1500 cancer patients. Besides, we also organize cancer awareness camps and free check ups.

We have been successful in doing this only with the support and trust you donors have shown.

Now we are opening up a new free cancer treatment division in "Holy Hospital", where such patients will avail of all the treatments and facilities without paying any charges.

We expect your generous help in this cause.

Thank you for all your support and time. Hope to get the same in future.

Tom Bear

Sample Cancer Donation letter - 2

(In this letter a father is collecting money through donations, for his child's cancer treatment. He is writing this letter to Holy Church that supports such causes.)

Jack Zing
23rd Street,
12th Blvd.
New York- 55601

Father Zakarius
Holy Church,
New York- 55606

Dear Father Zakarius,

I am Jack Zing and I am writing this letter to request you to help me save my 12 year old daughter Lillian, who is suffering from bone cancer.

We are a self sufficient family. I am the only earning member in the family, and I work in a mill as a worker. It is highly impossible for us to afford the cancer treatment for our child. Lillian is our only child and you are our only hope. You can help give our child a second chance to live and help her live happily.

I hope to get your help in this case as soon as possible. Her cancer is in the initial stages and the doctors have told us not to waste any time and get her treated as soon as possible.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Jack Zing

Hope these letters will clarify your doubts regarding cancer donation request.

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