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Car Donation Letter

Planning to buy a new car? Have an old car and do not want to incur any expenses on repairing it? You can get rid of it and also earn blessings in return. Donate the car to charity. You can donate to a small hospital, church, old age home and orphanage. You can write a car donation letter with the same. Besides, as per laws you can keep this letter and a receipt from the charity to use it in your income statement while filing tax returns.

The other type of car donation letter is a request letter. A charity can write a car donation request letter asking for a car. If you are a part of an orphanage or old age home, your organization will need a car for helping these people travel to the church, doctor or school. In this case a car donation request letter is useful.


Points to remember while requesting for a car in donation:

  1. You are requesting for a car donation, so you need to have a valid reason. No one will just give you a car because you asked for one.
  2. You have to be very convincing and approach the right person.

In this article, I have written two sample car donation letters. First sample is requesting for a car donation by a Charity and second one is donating a car to a charity. I hope this will answer all your questions regarding car donation. Either you want to donate a car a request for one you have an answer to your question.

  1. Sample car donation letter (asking for donation)

    Mike Tyson
    Help Them foundation
    London- 77012
    Ph: 88800454

    Mr. Jeffery Jane
    COO - Food Corp. US
    London- 77019

    Dear Mr. Jane,

    I am Mike Tyson and I work with "Help Them" an old age home in London. We help the aged by providing them shelter and all other essential facilities. We are operating since five years and we have happily accommodated 45 such needy people in this home.

    We provide them all facilities like taking them for walks, medical treatment, etc. I am writing this letter to request you to donate us a car for this old age home. I am not asking you for a new car but any good condition car is something that I am expecting from you. Sometimes we need to take them to the doctor, park or church and we have to wait for long to get public transport for them.

    Your generous donation will only simplify their lives and help them to move about freely.

    Thanking you in anticipation.

    Mike Tyson

  2. Sample car donation letter (donating a car)


    SMILE foundation
    London- 770101

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I have heard a lot about SMILE foundation. SMILE has always worked for the betterment of orphans and helped them live a normal and joyful life. In fact many children from your orphanage today have achieved everything in life.

    I would just like to contribute a little to this cause. I wanted this to be a silent/ secret donation and thus have not revealed my identity. Please sign this letter and give it to my driver. I hope the children in your orphanage will enjoy a drive in this car and I would be blessed when these children SMILE in joy.


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