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Christmas Donation Letter

Christmas is the festival of joy and happiness. This is the time when people want to be happy and spread happiness and joy. Many charities request for donations on this occasion. Here the charities have a valid reason that; they would like to share the joy of the festival with all those who cannot afford to have a joyful Christmas. For this, you can draft a Christmas donation request letter.

This is the festival season so the joy of Christmas must be maintained. Here you should follow a positive approach and motivate the readers of your Christmas donation request letter to contribute to this cause.


Points to be remembered while writing Christmas donation letters

  1. This is the best time to ask for donations, so differentiate your request letter from many others.
  2. Using words like - You be a SANTA for someone, joy of sharing, etc. keep the mood of the festival alive.
  3. The cause that you are collecting donations for should be related to the festival of Christmas. For example, gifting the orphans, celebrating Christmas in an old age home.
  4. If you are contacting some past donors, do not forget to appreciate them for their contributions.

Besides the letter format has to be formal and precise. Make it easy for the reader to contribute to your cause by providing self addressed stamped envelopes or even a pick up service to collect the check if needed.

Here is a sample Christmas donation request letter for your reference and use:

Julie Jack
Spread Happiness
Scotland - 225530
Ph: 55002236

Ms. Betty Bike
Proprietor - Evening Café
Scotland- 225532

Dear Ms. Betty,

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year. May the almighty shower all his blessings on you. Ms. Betty, we are proud to have a kind and humble human being like you, associated with our charity. You have always made your possible effort to contribute towards our every cause.

Its Christmas time, and just like every year we have decided to celebrate our Christmas with some of the less fortunate children. We have decided to organize a fun filled Christmas evening for the orphans at "Home for You". We have decided to bring smiles on their faces and have organized a buffet dinner for them at their orphanage. Christmas is incomplete without getting gifts from Santa Claus. Why don't you be the Santa Claus for these children? A simple donation of some gifts like toys, story books or clothes from you will help these children smile, and also strengthen their belief in God.

Please contribute to this cause in cash or kind and spread the joy of Christmas.

Julie Jack.

In this way you can draft a Christmas donation letter. Have a proper plan as to what will you do for Christmas, with whom will you celebrate, etc. Share this thought with the people who have been associated with you for the past contributions. Since many charities try to collect donations, see to it that you are not too late. If other charities have already got their donors and donations, you may be left with no one. However don't be the early bird either. Proper time, proper cause and the right approach will help you to successfully accomplish your Christmas charity.

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