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Funeral Donation Letter

A family struggled hard and had a tough time facing the illness of their loved one, but couldn't save him/ her. They already were going through a financial crisis and the medical expenses have put them into a big problem. It would be really tough for them to organize a funeral. You as their relative or friend can help them by getting donations for the funeral by writing a funeral donation letter.

Funeral donation letters can be addressed to charities and churches on behalf of the family to save them from the financial crisis they are in.


How to write a funeral donation letter?

  • You need to seek the permission of the family, to act as a representative on behalf of the family and collect donation.
  • Once the family agrees, you can address letters to the churches and charities in the vicinity.
  • Share the reason of your request. Let the readers know in brief what the family is going through and how a small contribution can be helpful to them.
  • You can either ask for checks or provide a bank account number to collect donations in cash.
  • You can also request for donation in kind. Things like flowers, coffin, etc. needed in a funeral can also be accepted. But be sure that you don't land up getting coffins from all the donors.

Here is a sample funeral donation letter for your reference. This letter will help you to get funeral donations for a needy family.

Sample funeral donation letter

Garry Garden
Town Hall
Scotland- 66001
Ph: 88800014567

7th February, 2011

Christ Foundation
Holy Street
Scotland- 66005

Dear Sir,

I am Garry Garden from town hall society. I am writing this letter on behalf of Park family. Park family lost Mike Park, their 21 year old son. He met with an accident and succumbed to his injuries on the 6th of February.

Mike Park was survived by his old parents, who have already exhausted all their savings on Mike's treatment. They do not have any financial income now as Mike was the only earning person. Whatever savings they had, have been exhausted now. They are in a very pitiful situation.

I request you to help the Park Family for their son's funeral. They are in sheer need and you have always helped such people. We neighbors are also trying our best. Hope to get some help from you. You can reply us back on the same address or contact us for any details.

We await a positive response from you.

Thank You.

Garry Garden

This letter is a simple example of a funeral donation letter. This letter can be addressed to the church or charities as mentioned above. Also, if possible, you can enclose a copy of the death certificate to authenticate your request. It is similar to any donation request letter. It is not necessary that someone other than the family can make such request. Family members can themselves also make a funeral donation request.

Besides this some other ways of raising donations for funeral are:

  • Buy a space in the daily newspaper and publish an obituary notice making a request for donation
  • You can put a box at a church mass, with a board asking for funeral donation

However a direct funeral donation letter will serve the purpose better

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