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Mission Trip Fundraising Letter

Like every religion Christianity too has a well rooted culture. Like there are spiritual gurus, prophets, etc. there are Missionaries in Christian religion. These missionaries preach Christianity, and also increase the number of followers in Christian religion. They not only preach in Christian faith, but also carry out many social service tasks in underprivileged and needy areas. For this they organize Christian Mission Trips. For these trips they need funds and the funds are collected by mission trip fundraising letter addressed to the concerned persons.


Mission trips are organized by various churches and trusts to promote Christianity and also to promote faith in youths. Sometimes it is a group of youth, who carry out such mission trips, and sometimes some matured experienced missionaries are a part of this trip.

Missionaries travel across the world and provide health and welfare services, to serve the locals. Missionaries with their efforts have established many hospitals, school, orphanages, etc. One very important social welfare program taken up by a missionary Dr. Frank Laubach in Philippines during the 1930's was "Each One, Teach One"- an effort to spread literacy. This program was very successful and in fact, spread all across the world and educated many people.

For all these activities, missionaries need funds, and they raise funds through donations. If you are a missionary, or you wish to help a missionary, you can draft a mission trip fundraising letter, and help them collect funds for their cause.

Here is a sample mission trip fundraising letter below.

Sample Mission trip fundraising letter

Holy Christ Church has a group of 10 missionaries, who have planned to travel to Haiti, and help out the earthquake victims. Here is a fundraising letter for the same.

Peter Parks
Holy Christ Church
Archahie- 99901

Mr. Dominic
Park Avenue
Archahie- 99901

Dear Mr. Dominic,

I am Peter Parks, a missionary with the Holy Christ Church. Holy Christ Church has been involved in many preaching and welfare activities. From time to time we have been organizing mission trips to preach Christianity, and to undertake many welfare activities at different places.

As we all know, Haiti is struck by a disastrous earthquake, affecting the lives of many. Many are homeless, without food and have not received any medical help yet. Though the government is trying its best, the damage is so vast that we need to help the government in this cause.

We, missionaries of Holy Christ Church have decided to visit Haiti, and help the locals as much as we can. We are planning to leave for Haiti on 15th February at 11.00 am.

We need your support for this cause. Monetary help, food grains, clothes, blankets, etc. will be accepted. In case of donation of goods, it is a humble request to please call up on 11 00 11 22 (toll free) to confirm whether the goods you want to donate is needed in Haiti.

Please show generosity and contribute to this cause. Your simple contribution will help us save the earthquake victims. Though you cannot accompany us in this trip, you can still help the victims by your contribution. Almighty God has given us this chance to serve His Children. Your actions will be blessed.

Hope to get a positive response soon.

Peter Parks.

Hope this sample mission trip fundraising letter proves useful in your mission.

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