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Prize Donation Letter

A school function, a fundraising event or competition, is incomplete without prizes. In case of school functions, mostly the prizes are arranged by school faculties, but in certain cases like inter school competitions, the host school can approach someone for prize donation by writing a prize donation letter.

In fundraising events like marathons, where the collected funds are donated towards a specific cause, some attractive prizes are donated by sponsors to motivate more and more people to participate in the Marathon. To get such prize sponsors or prizes in donation, a formal prize donation letter is generally used.


Whom to approach for prize donation letter?

In many cases the trustees of schools, local MLA's or some known socialite or business tycoon is approached for the prize donation. Suppose if a famous business man is an ex- student of the school, he/ she can be approached for the prize donation for an inter school or intra school competition.

In case of events like Marathon, local MLAs, celebrities can be approached. Suppose, Angelina Jolie is the guest of honor in a Marathon, she can donate her designer dress or jewelry as a prize for the winner.

When you approach a business tycoon; for example, the owner of Reebok; you can get Reebok sports kit in donation as prizes for the winners.

You should approach the person as per your competition or event and as mentioned above you have to draft a prize donation letter to make such request.

Points to remember while drafting a prize donation letter:

  • Approach the right person as per your competition or event. A person related to the same field may prove to be more helpful.
  • Use a formal letter format, for this prize donation request.
  • Briefly describe your need and the competition or event
  • If you have decided on certain prizes, you can share this with the reader and request him/her to donate the same.
  • You can ask for cash or in kind prize donations.
  • Gifts like a cricketer's autographed bat, jersey, or a dinner with the celebrity, or cricketer can also be given as prizes. You can make such prize donation requests as well.

Here is a sample prize donation letter, written below for your reference.

Roger King
ST. Joseph's School
Kentucky- 88401
Ph: 555 000 261
9th February, 2011

Mr. Francis
Owner- BSA Cycles
Kentucky- 88405

Dear Mr. Francis,

I am Roger King, sports faculty at St. Joseph's School. We provide free schooling and lodging, boarding facility to the students. Our school operates completely on funds and donations received.

We are organizing an inter school cycle race competition on 25th February, 2011. We have received over 500 entries of participants, from various schools in and around Kentucky. The participating students are putting in tremendous efforts for this competition. We wish to commemorate these efforts by some attractive prizes for the winners and runner ups.

I request you to please donate some prizes (in cash or kind) for this competition. We would be highly obliged.

I hope to get a positive reply from you soon.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Rodger King.

This is a simple prize donation request letter and you can use this for your reference. Hope you get some attractive prizes for your participants!

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