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Roommate Eviction Letter

I had a very annoying experience with one of my friends, who ran into some hard times and financial crisis. I agreed to help him until he could get on his feet. Furthering this decision, I allowed him to stay in my house and then weeks passed, months passed and then a year, when I realized that long time back I had adopted an adult child, who, though was supposed to be a roommate and share the rent but was occasional in doing so. In addition, he used the home as his own and his pet annoyed me more using my home as a garden. If you are amongst people troubled by such instances and annoying friends, then you need to do what I did, and write a roommate eviction letter.


Some tips to write eviction letter to roommate:

  1. When roommate problems are beyond the tolerable level this letter works as a remedy. You need to be careful due to absence of tenancy agreement.

  2. If you own the property then, you may get the eviction process done easily and directly, however, if you are not the owner but need the roommate out of the property then get it done through your landlord and police involvement may help. You can even need to refer to laws for roommate eviction as per the particular area.

  3. Regardless to whether you have any tenancy agreement in action or not, you will be required to serve a 30 days eviction notice at least.

  4. Include the following details in the letter:

    • Your name and roommate name
    • The postal address of the property to be evicted by the roommate
    • The date of the notice and the tentative date of eviction
    • Inform roommate of any legal consequences failing to follow the notice

Sample letter to roommate for eviction:

Robert Dark
#555 West Supreme Street
Berlin, NJ
United States 65321
Ph: 489 675 3298

Date: January 17, 2011

Paul Young
#555 West Supreme Street
Berlin, NJ
United States 65321
Ph: 489 675 3298

Dear Mr. Young,

I am writing this letter as a final letter of notice to evict the above mentioned property in my name and shared by you, since 25 May 2010.

I am forced to ask you for eviction due to non-payment of rent for the last three months and due to your unacceptable behavior, that creates a problem to the neighborhood. You have been playing loud music in late nights since last couple of days.

If you wish to prevail over this notice, you need to pay your due rent i.e. $600 to me in 5 days of the date of this letter and stop improper behavior by playing loud music in nights. If you fail to do so, I will be forced to call sheriff to evict you from the property.

You are advised to consider this as a final warning and notice before any legal action.

I hope for cooperation from your end.

Robert Dark

When you have to write roommate eviction letter, make sure you have the proper rights and in absence of them let the proper person authorize you to do so. However, before sending such a letter it is advisable to verbally convince the person for eviction.

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