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Experience Letter for Cook

Many people seek the profession as a 'Cook' or a 'Chef'. The person has to be educated from a catering college and well versed with the various responsibilities related to food preparation, cleaning, customer service and serving. If you are running a small restaurant, dining hall, or a hotel, you need a cook. Just like the appointment letter of the cook, it is equally inevitable that you need to write an experience letter for cook, when a cook leaves your business and seeks a new job opportunity. This is your responsibility to write an experience letter in an effective manner and include the details of the role and responsibilities carried by the cook at your business unit.


Tips to write experience letter for a cook:

  1. Write the letter on the official letterhead of the hotel, restaurant etc.
  2. Include complete details about the name of the employee, the date of joining, the last working day, the total tenure, the role and responsibilities handled, and the overall conduct of the person.
  3. Along with the employment details, give specific details about the strengths of the person, his specialties and any particular achievement if applicable.
  4. Close with positive wishes for the person

Sample experience letter for a cook:

Lick Finger Restaurant
45 Treetop Avenue Columbus, OH
USA 68979 Telephone No: 123 122 24
Fax: 123 2343 34

Date January 10, 2011

Experience Letter

This is to certify that Mr. Jacob Green was working with Lick Finger Restaurant from 1st March 2006 till 31st December 2010. At the time of leaving, he was working in the position of Chief Cook. He joined here as an Assistant Cook and was promoted to Chief Cook effective the financial year beginning of 2008.

In the beginning, his responsibilities included assisting the Chief Cook in food preparation, preparing salads, maintain temperature control log, and cleaning as per OH and S standards. Recently with the promotion, he was handling additional responsibilities like to oversee the preparation of meals and ingredients, final presentation, supervise sanitary issues and timelines of subordinates, research for new recipes and supervising and coordinating the work of subordinate cooks.

During his tenure, Mr. Green has been hardworking, honest and innovative. He has created new recipes, which were very well received by the guests. Throughout his tenure, Mr. Green has been a hardworking, reliable and efficient in his duties.

We at Lick Finger Restaurant, wish him all the best for his future endeavour.

Yours Faithfully,
Chris Mathews
Managing Director

Any experience letter is a simple acknowledgement from a former employer about the work tenure of the employee, but if the experience letter includes some specific details of the work responsibilities of the employee the employee and his prospective employer appreciate it. With this point in mind, an experience letter for cook should brief about couple of major and specific tasks undertaken by the cook during his tenure at the business unit.

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