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Internship Experience Letter

Interns are usually the students who seek a career in a specific field and for that reason want to get a brief exposure of the field they are interested in; they join an organization during the study curriculum. The internship is a phase during which one gets a chance to experience his field of interest. So during the internship program, a student develops useful skills, understands the career and its future prospects. So for most students the basic motto of an internship program is to have valuable on-the-job experience to show on their resumes. Hence, to help such interns to achieve their goals you may need to write an internship experience letter for them.


Tips to write experience letter for intern:

  1. Draft the experience letter on the company's letter head
  2. Clearly write the type of internship, full-time/ part-time, and with/ without remuneration
  3. Furnish the details of the date of joining and the date of internship completion, the total tenure.
  4. Mention the details of the projects handled, duties and responsibilities undertaken, the skills implemented and any strong points of the intern in the respective field etc.
  5. Comment on the overall performance as an employee and a human being and wish him best wishes for the future.

Sample letter of experience for an intern:

Genius Technologies Ltd.
25 Park Avenue Columbus, OH
USA 68979 Telephone No: 123 122 24
Fax: 123 2343 34

Date January 10, 2011

Experience Letter


This is to certify that Mr. Ricardo Zen was employed with Genius Technologies Ltd. from 01/07/2010 to 31/12/2010. He had joined the organization as an intern, worked in the position of management trainee in the operations department.

During the tenure, he worked on a Health Insurance project headed by Mr. Jim Morrison, the Migration Manager for the client Everyday's Option. His major responsibilities were establishing a channel of communication, set policy, collect requirement from the client, documentation of the Standard Operating Processes etc. He was able to contribute to the optimum and meet the expectations of the organization. His conduct was sincere, hardworking and enthusiastic towards work.

He has effective functional knowledge and judgment, which he very well implemented during the internship.

We, at Genius Technologies Ltd. wish him all the best for his future endeavors.

Yours Truly,
Mr. James Todd
Operations Manager

The internship experience letter is an acknowledgement of the work done by the interns during their internship program. This letter carries a lot of importance, as the freshers need to acknowledge practical exposure to prospective employer and this letter helps them achieve this goal. So you must keep in mind to be professional and little elaborative while writing the experience letter for interns.

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