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Teaching Experience Letter

Teacher is a very challenging profile. Teaching is a fundamental job for any civilized society. A teacher is present in any professional background. A teaching experience letter should be capable of talking about the teacher with regards to provide the prospective school administration with information about the skills and characteristics possessed by the teacher. Any school organization is keen to employ the best teacher amongst the available options. They would carefully scrutinize the teaching applications, references and work experiences to get the expected result. Hence, an experience letter for a teacher should be carefully drafted.


Points to be included in effective teacher experience letter:

  1. The name of the teacher along with the start date and end date of the employment. The tenure of employment should be expressed in terms of academic year.
  2. Teaching experience gained before completing a valid teaching certificate if any and the total teaching experience after pursuing a valid teaching experience letter for the specific jurisdiction.
  3. The type of employment whether it was full time/ part time teaching and contractual/ permanent employer.
  4. Number of days taught in each academic year and average number of hours worked per week.
  5. Any additional achievements, information about teaching potentials and characteristics

Sample experience letter for a teacher:

ABC Public School
15th Lane Avenue, Near New church
Houston, United States 65123
Phone: 00125-4587-9685

Experience Letter

Date: January 10, 2011


This is to certify that Ms. Alice was employed with ABC Public School from 03/01/2005 to 01/01/2011 as a secondary school teacher. Ms. Alice applied for separation after 6 years of a very successful and flourishing service with our school.

Out of the total tenure of Ms. Alice, she worked as a part time teacher during a period from 03/01/2005 to 01/01/2007, while pursuing Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry. Since then she was a full-time teacher.

Apart from the responsibility to teach physical chemistry and biochemistry to upper-division, she also was teaching English to lower-division students. Her responsibilities included task of delivering scheduled lectures and analyzing the test results. She was also involved in developing research programs and conducting research work.

Her communication skills and the subject knowledge are very good. During her tenure at the school, we found her to be very satisfactory while handling her major responsibilities.

We have found her to be self-initiative, motivated, disciplined, duty bound, and a highly devoted team player with strong abstract knowledge.

We at ABC Public School wish her all the best in his future accomplishments.

Yours Faithfully,
Joseph Todd

The teaching experience letter talks about the experience of the school staff and the administration body as a value contributed to the institution by the leaving teacher. It is very important for the letter to be effective, and altogether give an unbiased view about the person as a 'teacher'.

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